24/7 shop concepts from Wanzl

Shop concepts for 24/7 stores from Wanzl enable consumers to shop for everyday products around the clock. Store operators thus benefit from new sales opportunities and can permanently retain existing customer groups as well as attract new ones.

Whether they are located at infrastructure hubs such as train stations or airports, in rural or specific urban regions, in residential and commercial areas or in office districts: these fast and reliable supply points for food, fashion and lifestyle products can be implemented in a variety of ways. They can even be used to supply products required by skilled crafts and tradespeople.

A wide range of options

Advantages of Wanzl's 24/7 shop concepts

Wanzl's 24/7 shop concepts enable operators to expand existing, traditionally run shops on a hybrid basis. Brand new formats, such as 24/7 mobile stores, can also be implemented without any additional effort required.

How you can benefit from these flexible shop concepts:

Lower personnel costs with continuous operating hours

Increased sales and improved profit margin

Easy extension of opening hours 

More effective utilisation of capacity in low-footfall periods

Ideal opportunity to tackle acute staff shortages in the retail sector

Shopping around the clock

The concept of a digitised store space

Innovative 24/7 stores allow for autonomous shopping around the clock. With our digital shop concept, you can offer your customers this service with no limitations. All steps can be transacted automatically on request and without any additional effort required of personnel – from access to the store to self-scanning of products via a smartphone or at the checkout at the exit. Of course, at Wanzl, we ensure that all processes are synced with the processes in place at your business.

By the way: The 24/7 shop concept can be integrated into

  • Existing stores,
  • New construction projects, and
  • Space-saving, mobile container solutions

alike and implemented efficiently.

Customised design

Tailored shop concepts for 24/7 stores

We offer three specific packages for operating 24/7 stores. The Easy package is ideal for beginners who want to run a self-service store with little start-up capital. If you place greater emphasis on security, opt for the Comfort equipment package. With the Professional package, store operators can also analyse the performance of their shop.

  • Bank card reader with NFC Wanzl Connect® Easy
  • Door control
  • Application mode configuration (opening times)
  • Adaptation of texts on the terminal

  • Bank card reader with NFC
  • Barcode reader for loyalty cards or customer app
  • CCTV monitoring technology with Wanzl Connect® Comfort recorder
  • Door control
  • Application mode configuration (opening times)
  • Adaptation of texts on the terminal
  • Access to the Wanzl Connect® platform
  • Automated light control
  • Status transmission to show whether a branch is online or offline

  • Bank card reader with NFC and card insert function
  • Barcode reader for loyalty cards or customer app
  • Access management (bank card) using data documentation and block lists
  • CCTV surveillance technology with recorder
  • Image transmission via monitor in the store with Wanzl Connect® Professional
  • Door control
  • Application mode configuration (opening times)
  • Adaptation of texts on the terminal
  • Access to the Wanzl Connect® platform
  • Automated light control
  • Status transmission to show whether a branch is online or offline
  • E-mail notifications if incidents occur in the store

Wanzl Connect®

Wanzl Connect® is your store’s digital brain. Access via the automatic sliding door, the temperature sensors, the lighting, the in-store radio, the security camera – all components are controlled by Wanzl Connect®.

The advantages of the cloud-based platform:

  • Devices are monitored on a continuous basis
  • Fastest possible detection of failures and malfunctions
  • Automatic detection of atypical human behaviour

The result: In the event of an emergency, immediate countermeasures can be taken.

A step-by-step process to creating a 24/7 store

Harmonious overall concept

Wanzl experts are on hand to support the creation of your 24/7 store in every phase of planning and realisation. When creating the concept, we combine your expertise with our own. The final result is based on your specific requirements and needs as well as on your customers’ shopping habits.

Perfectly synced & efficient

Smart products from Wanzl

Wanzl offers store operators a diverse range of products for fitting out their 24/7 stores. These include:

  • Intelligently interlinked goods presentation systems such as shelving systems and display units for fresh produce
  • Access terminals
  • 3D sensor system
  • Camera surveillance systems

Did you know? All our products are state-of-the-art and are manufactured using advanced technologies.

Self-boarding gate

Our Galaxy Gate with automated boarding pass...

wire tech 100

wire tech 100 from Wanzl is synonymous with...

vino tech

Wine is a small but special everyday luxury....

Checkout Manager PRO

The Checkout Manager Pro enables processes...

Classic customer guidance systems

Bases, connection tubes and partition elemen...

Your trusted partner

Successful shop concepts from Wanzl

Working with our partners, we have already implemented self-service shop concepts for more than 200 store operators. Are you considering setting up a project like this? We would be happy to help you with the design process and show you which areas require particular attention.

During a workshop, we will develop a comprehensive shop concept, covering the topics of location analysis, target group analysis and customer journey and defining the ideal look and feel for your store layout.

Looking for inspiration?

Proven Wanzl shop concepts for 24/7 stores

The Wanzl 24/7 shop concept has already been successfully established in a large number of stores. Check out our testimonials for more inspiration! You too can increase the success of your business with the help of our tried-and-tested concept.

24/7 ABEX (AT)

Materials supplied around the clock. GC-GRUPPE ÖSTERREICH is working with Wanzl to create the first Austrian ABEX warehouse with a 24/7 concept

The Greater Toronto Area becomes the Place To Be for Canada's Craftsmen

Wurth opens first North American flagship store with 24/7 technology concept provided by Wanzl

Wanzl and Bünting allow for more flexible shopping thanks to extended opening hours

The hybrid small-space Combi City concept in Emden allows customers to shop on their own during off-peak times

Feneberg (D)

Wanzl implements self-service concept for Feneberg in Oberstaufen – existing space redesigned for staff-free operation

Wanzl implements small-space concept for V-Markt

Large-scale operator opens first V-mini in Kaufbeuren
Ready for the future

Further development with Wanzl

Here at Wanzl, we are constantly getting to grips with the latest issues and trends. These include, for example:

  • Economical shop concepts
  • AI-supported process reliability at self-service checkouts
  • Automated product scanning using camera technology