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Chambermaid trolleys

Wanzl’s manoeuvrable chambermaid trolleys ensure optimised, time-saving processes in hotels – for housekeeping as well as room service. Includes practical accessories! That’s first-class service for discerning guests.


Customised, not off the rack.


Elegant and manoeuvrable multi-function trolleys by Wanzl

Premium ZP Eco

Housekeeping meets environmental protection

Premium ZP Clean

The classic with higher hygienic standards

Tantum 9®

Robust space saver at a low price

ZP Basic

Housekeeping – extra economical

Premium ZP Classic

Perfect housekeeping

Room change trolley RCW

A professional solution for changing rooms

MBW Smart

Minibar filling trolley – with 2 shelves

MBW Secure

Minibar filling trolley – with 3 drawers