Cooled freshness – irresistibly presented

  • Suitable for any position in your POS
  • Maximum multifunctionality
  • Full cooling performance at full capacity

The multifunctional presentation table from Wanzl stands for the uncompromising presentation of fresh and convenience products at your POS. Irrespective of what you might want to offer your customers in what way: Store operators can rely on its all-round usability, its flexibility and its magnetic pull in any sales environment.

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YourTable® Cool
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Product details

The fresh aroma of all kinds of fruit and vegetables and its wonderfully appetizing effect. The visually tempting array of a variety of natural green, yellow and red colors and their various shades. The “serving” of complete menus as an inspiration for customers’ dining tables or when hosting guests: if your customers have a passion for long-lasting freshness, they will simply love YourTable Cool!

YourTable Cool makes freshness an experience

Whether you opt for reversible shelves, extendible product displays, versatile table extensions, graphic or blister attachments, hook-on side baskets, inserted wooden boxes or attached advertising boards: YourTable Cool offers you the entire range of presentation options for your fresh products. Your customers will be overwhelmed!

Reversible shelves as a classic display
Reversible selves as a shallow tray
Table extensions
Extendible goods display with a shallow wicker basket
A graphic or blister attachment with a blister and double hooks
Hanging bar for side hanging, with double hooks
Advertising board with magnetic hooks
Extendible goods display with a shallow wooden box
Round basket, can be hung on the side, beige polyrattan

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