4-Way Merchandiser

Maximize impulse sales and optimize retail space

  • Adjustable shelves for flat or gravity-fed merchandising customizable with shelves and peg hooks
  • Effortless mobility with hidden locking caster system and hidden storage in center column for organization
  • Dimensions: 38.5” L x 38.5” W x 52.65”H with standard metallic anthracite finish
Preview 4-Way Merchandiser sale sheet (US)
4-Way Merchandiser sale sheet (US)
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Update your retail environment with the 4-Way Merchandiser—a dynamic solution designed to amplify impulse sales and streamline merchandising, all within a compact footprint that maximizes space efficiency. With its versatile and low-profile design, retailers can effortlessly customize the display to suit their specific needs, whether showcasing products on shelves, peg hooks, or a combination of both. Adjustable shelving enables retailers to create eye-catching displays, with the option to present items flat or slanted for gravity-fed merchandising, ensuring maximum visibility, accessibility for customers, and endless possibilities for product presentation.

This innovative unit features a locking caster system for easy mobility during store installation, maintenance, and reconfiguration, while the hidden caster system and solid bottom deck maintain a clean and professional appearance. It comes equipped with internal storage in the center column as a convenient solution for organizing items such as hooks, label holders, and scan tags within easy reach. With the sleek Metallic Anthracite finish adding a touch of sophistication to any retail environment, this mobile unit not only enhances your brand image but also maximizes space utilization. Whether it's displaying seasonal promotions, new arrivals, or everyday essentials, this versatile merchandiser is the ultimate solution for driving sales and attracting customers in any retail setting.