wanzl connect®

Platform for the digitization of brick-and-mortar retail

  • Central control and monitoring of all in-store processes
  • Tracking and evaluation of data enables optimal use of staff
  • User-friendly cloud platform

Wanzl connect® offers a centrally controlled, digital platform, which enables a large number of relevant processes in the areas of administration and personnel management to be recorded, analyzed, evaluated and, if necessary, controlled according to your own requirements. This means branch processes can be optimized, and staff can be deployed where they are really needed – with customers. Wanzl connect® is designed as a closed-content “Store Management System.” Individual components are coordinated with one another for the requirements and needs of the retail trade.

Preview Wanzl Connect Cart Counting sale sheet (US)
Wanzl Connect Cart Counting sale sheet (US)
Preview Wanzl Connect sale sheet (US)
Wanzl Connect sale sheet (US)
Preview Wanzl Connect Cart-Storage Monitoring sale sheet (US)
Wanzl Connect Cart-Storage Monitoring sale sheet (US)
Preview Wanzl Connect Gate Module sale sheet (US)
Wanzl Connect Gate Module sale sheet (US)
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Cart shelter monitoring

Here, store operators can ensure that their customers always have a cart at their disposal when they enter the store. Real-time monitoring can be used to identify potential under- or over-capacity and enable the staff responsible to react immediately.

RFID tracking

The essential functions include automatic registration of shopping carts at the store's entrance and exit, and in the cart shelter area. Here, RFID systems provide comprehensive information that – particularly when combined with other relevant data – allows customer behavior to be analyzed precisely.

Gate monitoring

Gate monitoring brings together all entrance and exit systems in a clear way. All of this information can be accessed via the dashboard and analyzed according to different categories, while potential equipment failures can be determined quickly and accurately.


In wanzl connect, data regarding Hybridloc use can be displayed and evaluated. This makes it possible, for example, to detect peaks in shopping cart usage or to view the current battery status of the locks.


Success stories

Combi City, Emden (D)

The hybrid small-space Combi City concept in Emden allows customers to shop on their own during off-peak times

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