Lithium-ion batteries

5D series with slide-in holder

  • Battery capacity of 20 Ah
  • Real-time capacity display
  • Only approved for the KT3 “drive” and the mobile workstation from Wanzl

Our lithium-ion batteries boast a long service life and can also be used in cold halls from a minimum temperature of +5°C. / +41°F
The remaining capacity can be conveniently monitored in real time using the Wanzl SOC indicator.

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System board with 400 W inverter and power strip

System board with 700 W inverter and power strip

Version with uninterruptible power supply

Charging station

Wall bracket with integrated charger and slide-in holder for Wanzl batteries from the 5D series.

Product details

Protecting connected devices

Protecting connected devices
A 30 A fuse is integrated into the battery, protecting sensitive devices against overcurrent. If necessary, this can be replaced with a suitable fuse (4 A to 30 A) by a specialist.

Capacity indicator

Capacity indicator
The Wanzl SOC indicator mounted as standard on the battery informs the user about the remaining battery power in real time.

Electricity supply for peripheral devices

Electricity supply for peripheral devices
Suitable peripheral devices such as a monitors, hand-held scanners or printers can be connected to the battery via a 230-volt inverter. The inverter is available with a capacity of 400 W or 700 W.