Individual steel components

Enduring, versatile – and tough as steel

Our products set quality standards for customers around the world. Not only has Wanzl become the world market leader for shopping carts and transport carts, but the company has also become a highly valued global supplier of wire, tubing and sheet metal components for a wide range of requirements in the retail and industrial sectors. With our partially and fully automated production, we are able to rapidly deliver high quantities. Countless customers now rely on the expertise offered by Wanzl.

What can we do for you?


Wide range of applications


Our individual storage baskets, workpiece carriers, shelving units, and individual shelving components are suitable for use in many different areas, such as
– Automated small parts storage
– Pallet racks
– Shelving
– AGV transport
… or for the quick, cost-effective expansion of storage space.

Wire, tubing, sheet metal – individually or in combination


Our specialties are semi-finished products and assemblies made of bent steel wire and spot-welded wire mesh, both combined with flat steel, steel tubing, and sheet metal – and available individually. We process round, oval, and square tubes. There are also various kinds of special profiles, such as U-profiles.

Surface finishing: environmentally friendly coatings with active sustainability


Wanzl is one of the largest electroplating businesses in Europe. In Germany alone, we operate 13 plants including eight electroplating plants, two plants for dip painting, and three powder coating plants. Wanzl is a company with clear ethical principles. It has developed guidelines for management that combine corporate progress and innovative strength with the protection of people and the environment. This means that our entire electroplating technology is based on the non-toxic trivalent chrome plating process.

We also use no phosphates in our powder coatings during pretreatment. Instead, our process starts by applying an environmentally friendly nanoceramic layer with improved powder adhesion.

Complete shelves or individual components






We produce both free-standing shelves made from wire mesh, as well as individual components as add-ons to existing shelves, such as wire shelves for pallet racks or compartment dividers for subdivision.

Pallet boxes






Pallet boxes made of wire mesh can be used to quickly and cost-effectively expand the existing storage area. Depending on the number of shelves, you can double or triple the number of storage bays in no time at all.

AGV transport rack   





In intralogistics, it is becoming increasingly popular to use driverless transport systems. We design and produce compact free-standing shelves that are customized to suit your AGV.

Storage baskets and workpiece carriers



Customized and ready to use in no time at all
We manufacture trays made of sheet metal with mesh edging or storage baskets for automated small parts storage tailored to fit your requirements. Our stackable storage baskets and individual workpiece carriers enable you to set up or dismantle a goods warehouse in an instant, and all without the need for any tools.