EL series

Clarity at the checkout – prevention of stocktaking differences

  • No storage options on the chassis – helps to prevent theft
  • Narrow meshed baskets, volume from 75 to 240 litres
  • Original wear-resistant, low maintenance Wanzl castor wheels with 100 or 125 mm diameters

The shopping trolleys in the EL series were designed in response to our retail partners’ need for a trolley that did not allow any items to be transported outside the basket. There are no storage options on the chassis and the wide range of basket sizes are suited to a variety of different goods and industries. Their use is proven to reduce theft.

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Full catalogue, shopping trolleys
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Product details

Standard design

Standard design
Chassis made of robust flat oval tubing. Narrow-meshed basket made of steel wire, with child seat, round tube handle and plastic handle protection caps. Child seat with robust plastic seat. Noise reduction for moving parts.


High-gloss chrome plating, galvanised, with baked-on plastic paint protection or with coloured Power Coating Plus plastic coating.

Safe and convenient

Safe and convenient
The oval pipe chassis cannot be used to store items, making sure everything can be transported in the cashier’s line of sight while still offering plenty of legroom.

Secure castor fixtures

Secure castor fixtures
The original Wanzl castor wheels are screwed onto the chassis from below using hidden screws and special-purpose tools.

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