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Pallet boxes

As the saying goes: tidy house, tidy mind. When it comes to a professionally organised warehouse, you could go so far as to say that a tidy house is everything. In the midst of boxes, racks and Euro pallets, a cool head and the right system are vital. Practical pallet boxes help you make full use of every corner. All this can be done safely, reliably and precisely. Whether for Euro pallets (pallet box model PA-X) or Düsseldorf multi-use pallets (pallet box model PA-300/1), Wanzl has the right pallet boxes for you.

PA-300/1 pallet box

With 340 l volume for Düsseldorf multi-use pallets

PA-X pallet box

For Euro pallets measuring 1,200 x 800 mm

Wooden pallet box

Stylish display units for fruit and vegetables, dry-cured sausage, eggs and much more

The designs are as varied as the products being stored. All boxes can therefore be fitted with dividers or intermediate panels. They come with openings or foldable doors, as well as fully closed. Special stacking corners with wide edges and four latching mounting brackets for the respective narrow sides provide secure holding and optimum stackability. The securely assembled pallet boxes can be transported easily within the warehouse or by truck. If the pallet boxes are not being used for a while or need to be transported when empty, they can be folded up in just a few movements. This provides excellent flexibility for logistics – and also saves space.

Pallet boxes and more

As well as practical pallet boxes, the warehouse and logistics range includes versatile pallet containers and extremely manoeuvrable and easy-to-handle mobile containers.

If you want to equip your warehouse with new space-saving solutions, then let Wanzl’s experts advise you – quickly, with no obligation. 

Clever solutions made by Wanzl 

Part of Wanzl’s company philosophy is that all products are tailored to the needs of customers. Wanzl has been working with the retail industry for around 100 years, and has gained a great deal of knowledge in this area. At the start of the 20th century, Wanzl even supplied shopping trolleys to the first self-service stores, i.e. the forerunners of today’s supermarkets. The innovation from that time – a basket on castor wheels – has since become Wanzl’s best seller. To this day, Wanzl continues to supply classic shopping trolleys around the world.