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Guidance and security systems

Steering, guiding, demarcating and protecting: manual and electronic guidance systems from Wanzl always show the right way in any direction. Suitable for retail – especially at the checkout – but also for logistics and industry, with a robust bumper for day-to-day use. Wanzl guidance systems protect sensitive areas against unauthorised access. Authorised persons are of course granted unrestricted access, including individual entry separation. Wanzl makes security part of the package!

Self-boarding gate

Automated access for the boarding and pre-security areas


The most intelligent system generation with multifunctional high-tech features


Proven entrance solutions with many functions as standard

Classic swing gates

Simply compact

Atlas turnstile

Motor-driven full-height gate turnstile

EasyGo turnstile

Motor-driven variable turnstile

Galaxy Port

State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access

Genesis Self-Checkout

Relieves your staff and reduces queues in the checkout area


Stylish access point: Elegant and space-saving entrances and exits

Atlas turnstile, low

Motor-driven turnstile

Bumper for freezer units

Protection systems for AHT freezer units, Paris and Miami models

Bumper uprights/bollards

Sturdy demarcation

Calculation of length of stay

Provides valuable information for a wide range of benefits

Checkout Manager PRO

Checkout management system for controlling up to 10 checkouts.

Classic checkout barrier

A true classic – proven thousands of times over

Classic customer guidance systems

Practical functionality – effective spatial organisation

Classic guide bumpers

Varied application options

Classic partition

Elegant transparency

Colour Gate

An electronic entrance system with LED lighting

Customer frequency measurement with infra-red

With infra-red light barrier between the bases

Customer frequency measurement with radar

For entrance systems with direction-sensing radar

Deflector rings

Reliable protection in the event of careless handling of shopping trolleys

EasyGo turnstile with V7/V21 ticket machine

Reliable turnstile with integrated ticket machine


The classic entrance system for reducing inventory differences