SmartStop trolley security

Shopping trolleys remain available in the store or in the car park

  • For stores in residential areas
  • For stores on streets with high levels of foot traffic
  • For stores with high trolley theft rates

The reliable shopping trolley security system prevents shopping trolleys from being removed from the store or the company’s premises. This reduces costs for stolen trolleys while also saving on labour costs for the collection of missing trolleys.

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Product details

Standard design

The SmartStop trolley security system is made up of the following components:

Two SmartStop castors with steering locks mounted diagonally on the shopping trolleys. The locks are triggered magnetically, meaning the system is mechanical and requires no electrics or batteries.

The magnetic rails for the trigger system are fitted in the ground at the points at which the trolley is not permitted to pass.


1. The trolleys can be transported anywhere inside the specified area (e.g. car park).

2. If a trolley equipped with SmartStop castor wheels travels over the trigger system, the steering locks are activated, braking two of the castors so that the shopping trolley goes round in a circle – making sure the castors are protected at the same time.

3. When the trolley is returned to the car park or store, it passes back over the trigger system. The steering lock is released and the trolley can move freely again.

Information boards

An information board is put up in the entrance area to the store, and a stop sign is put up at the exit from the car park, informing customers of how SmartStop works.