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Shopping trolleys

As a first impression and a constant companion in the store, Wanzl shopping trolleys are both a showpiece and an important image factor. Available in a whole range of variants, they are exceptionally good at making shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. Used reliably millions of times: the largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys in the world.


The smart handle system

Fun Cabrio

Strong customer loyalty

Fun Mobil

Driving and shopping pleasure for all ages

Fun Mobil Compact

A fun shopping experience, even when space is tight

Goods transport

Practical divider for convenient shopping


Stamp on basket carrier

Light series

Lighter design using wire construction


Allowing close examination...

Original Wanzl castors

Cost-effective all-rounder with ball bearings

Original Wanzl SoftDrive castors

The quiet revolution

Original Wanzl travelator castors

Safely from floor to floor