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Shopping trolleys

As a first impression and a constant companion in the store, Wanzl shopping trolleys are brand ambassadors and an important image factor. Available in a whole range of variants, they are exceptionally good at making shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. Used reliably millions of times: from the world’s largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys.

City Shopper 2

Stylish, for stores with a chic touch

DRC series

Classic design for stores with well stocked drinks departments

EL series

Clarity at the checkout – prevention of stocktaking differences

ELT series

Shopping trolleys ideally suited to the Vermaport® SC trolley conveyor system

ELX series

A double bonus: Additional loading area and always in the cashier’s line of sight

Light series

Lighter design using wire construction

Salsa Eco

With a passion for the environment

Salsa® series / Salsa® Eco series

The new generation of plastic shopping trolleys


Shopping trolleys that sell well at all levels

Sedo shopping trolley

An extraordinary service for your senior citizens

Shopping trolley for wheelchair users

Less strain and better service for people with disabilities

Tango® City

Mini trolley with comfortable plastic design

Tango® series / Tango® Eco series

Attractive shopping trolley series with honeycomb structure for the basket