Sidebox® coin deposit system

Slim design

  • Available in three different coin versions

Specially developed for shopping and transport trolleys used e.g. in DIY superstores, garden centres, electronics stores and C&C markets. The Sidebox is user-friendly and has an attractive, compact design.

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Colours and materials

Special colours on request.

Casing and adapter: Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Coin insertion area: Light Grey RAL 7035

Product details

The new Wanzl Sidebox coin deposit system made of high-quality plastic is weatherproof and temperature-resistant, ensuring reliable operation even where supplied in the outdoor areas of stores.

  • Ergonomically designed housing with easy-to-use coin deposit via coin slot
  • Highly impact resistant plastic for heavy loading
  • Weather-resistant from -30°C to +50°C
  • External chain with stainless steel key
  • Coin identification for deposit clearly visible

Coin versions

Coin versions
The Sidebox is available in three coin versions: With one coin slot, with two coin slots, for 1 euro and 50 cents, with two coin slots for 1 euro and 2 euros

Assembly at side with adapter

Assembly at side with adapter
Example: SP4 Special Transporter

Assembly on the handle

Assembly on the handle
Example: T31 transport trolley