EasyGo turnstile with V7 ticket machine

Reliable turnstile with integrated ticket machine

  • Reliable access control for paid entry
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Available with 2 or 3 arms

EasyGo turnstiles with ticket machine. Guarantee functional reliability and ensure reliable processes. Design with integrated ticket machines. Reliable access control for paid entry to restrooms in restaurants, service stations, petrol stations, museums, events and many other areas. Channelling elements from the Wanzl customer guidance range ensure reliable entry separation.

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Product details


Fully enclosed stainless steel housing. Integrated ticket machine: coin system with automatic sorting using a hopper, stores up to approx. 1,100 coins, coins accepted can be freely specified, integrated coin acceptor, receipt printer, EasyGo motor-driven turnstile.


Polished stainless steel.

System adjustment

System adjustment
Freely configurable fee system. Output of statistics and frequency measurements. Hopper filling level can be freely specified. Receipt printing.

Fast amortisation

Fast amortisation
Entry fees ensure quick amortisation (ROI). Receipt use is optional, e.g. can be redeemed as voucher.


Illuminated, customised unit, access gate for children or wheelchair users, swivel door for personnel access or the transportation of materials, etc.

Optional equipment

Optional equipment
Accepts credit and debit cards as well as banknotes. Lockable, audit-proof hopper and cash box. ETISS online till software.

Payment systems

Payment systems
• Banknote reader with/without change function • Coin changer • Credit card terminal • Credit card reader without PIN pad for amounts up to €20 • NFC • Lockable cash box • Tokens (on request)
Access gate for children
2-arm turnstile
Customer service that pays off

Entry and refund principle

When entering the facilities, your customers receive a coupon, which can be redeemed in the shop as a voucher. This results in additional revenue, with paying customers using your system free of charge, but unauthorised persons remaining outside.
You will recoup your investment costs quickly with the entry and reimbursement principle. Wanzl’s reliable access control system makes a significant contribution to this. The following sample calculations illustrate a worthwhile model for your company.

Wanzl Access Manager: The EasyGo turnstile with ticket machine can be controlled with Wanzl Access Manager. Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators almost in real time at any access control point.

Calculation example for retail sector


Success stories

Riegel Center, Augsburg (D)

More customer satisfaction thanks to well-maintained toilet facilities

Edeka Bauer, Münnerstadt (D)

Clean toilets & additional income

E-Center Stengel, Fürth (D)

Proper sanitary facilities with a profitable voucher system

Aral, Merklingen (D)

Relaxed on the go: EasyGo with ticket machine


Wanzl Access Manager

State of the art access control

Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators a...