Vending unit V21

Interactive vending unit and ticket machine

  • 21” full HD multi-touch display for customisation of your application
  • LED light control for quick and clear operation in the colour of your choice.
  • Modular structure due to flexible tile technology

Your customers are bound to enjoy the simple, intuitive, user-friendly operation of the Vending Unit V21 It is always available for use, meaning staff are free for other tasks.

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Complete Catalogue Access Solutions
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Cash Register System V21
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Full catalogue Airport Solutions
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The benefits for you at a glance

  •  Indoor & outdoor use (roofed)
  •  Applications can be modified via remote access
  •  Support via remote maintenance
  •  Statistics – comprehensive evaluation options
  •  History – full documentation of all actions
  •  Alerts when minimum quantities reached
  •  Split screen function for advertising messages
  •  Video advertisements in standby mode
  •  Standardised interfaces
  •  Encrypted, tamper-proof databases
  •  User management – personalised user profiles/access rights
  •  Revision-proof processing of payment processes
  •  Compliant with applicable legal provisions
  •  Easy to implement within existing IT structures
  •  Protected against vandalism thanks to concealed locking mechanism

Product details

Areas of use

Canteens, swimming pools, hospitals, leisure parks, golf courses, museums, arenas, tourism map, cable cars, cinemas, indoor leisure facilities, store cards, visitor management

Varied payment options

Varied payment options
Debit/credit card terminal with PIN pad, coin and banknote intake, NFC and prepaid function


Operation is simple, clear and intuitive thanks to an integrated touchscreen and interactive user guidance.

Your customised application from one source!

V21 – the digital porter

The terminal can provide support with visitor and employee management around the clock. The registration and authentication of persons, the issue of an access authorisation (ticket) or the confirmation of security instructions can be completed quickly thanks to intuitive operation.

V21 – a fully automated ticket vending machine

Various tickets, as well as group and family entrance passes can be sold directly via the V21. All data is documented in the background and can easily be processed further via a central dashboard. Special prices and notifications can be entered quickly.

V21 – a service desk that operates continuously

Offer your customers an information terminal with lots of extras, such as the option to find out themselves how many bonus points they have accumulated, buy gift cards or find out more about special offers and products. We provide your customers with the service they want.