Optimised trolley management at airports

Wanzl is expanding its portfolio with a tracking system for luggage transport trolleys

With Wanzl trolley tracking, airport operators now always know exactly where each individual luggage trolley is, both indoors and outdoors. This means that there is no need for inefficient searches and there is a high level of customer satisfaction, as enough trolleys are available for passengers in tidy storage areas or collection stations. Operators can also optimise both staff allocation and the total number of trolleys they need.

For reliable tracking, each luggage trolley has an RFID tag and each storage area or collection station an RFID reader. This technology requires minimal infrastructure cabling, can be retrofitted at any time and provides important information in almost real time. Defined zones of the airport, the trolley depots and the entrances and exits of the defined zones are tracked. A tracking dashboard configured specifically for the airport displays the recorded data in a simple and clear manner: which and how many trolleys are in operation, what the current fill level of the trolley depots is and where the trolleys are located within the specific zones. The system also learns from historical data and the interfaces as well as from flight and luggage information systems. It is therefore possible to provide trolleys specifically for each arriving or departing aircraft proactively and just in time at the respective trolley depots. As an option, the tracking dashboard can also display upcoming trolley servicing requirements, contribute to theft protection or be used as a communication tool between employees via push messages on mobile devices.

Trolley tracking has other advantages too. Service level agreements with third-party providers can be checked, while routes outside and inside the airport building can be visualised and the length of stay of the trolleys can be determined. Busy areas and customer touchpoints can thus be identified and used to optimise sales flows.

A well thought-out concept that also impresses in practice. Together with its partner Naitec, software specialist for airport IT, Wanzl has already successfully implemented its trolley tracking system at Venice Marco Polo Airport.