Tango® series / Tango® Eco series

Attractive shopping trolley series with honeycomb structure for the basket

  • Also available as an environmentally friendly version made from recycled material
  • Extra-light shopping trolleys with an innovative design
  • Narrow-meshed plastic baskets with a honeycomb design, volumes from 22 to 240 litres

The shopping trolleys in the Tango® series are an attractive feature in any store – with appealing basket colours and varied colour combinations. A standard Promobox with large advertising space for interchangeable adverts is also available, along with various chassis options for a wide range of goods. Particularly easy to push and manoeuvre, they guarantee shopping enjoyment at its best.

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Full catalogue, second trolleys
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Preview Full catalogue, shopping trolleys
Full catalogue, shopping trolleys
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Product details

Standard design

Standard design
Chassis made of robust flat oval pipe. Narrow-meshed plastic basket with a honeycomb structure, with child seat/goods shelf, Promobox Plus and plastic protection caps. Extra quiet running


Chassis high-gloss chrome, galvanised, with baked-on plastic paint protection or with coloured Power Coating Plus plastic coating. For standard colours and colour combinations for plastic parts, see the Tango order section.


Original Wanzl castor wheels, wear-resistant, maintenance-free, with plastic deflector rings. Hidden castor fixtures to prevent theft.

Flexible chassis

Flexible chassis
Oval tube chassis: without storage option, with crate holder or bottom tray, with crate holder and bottom tray

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