For that feeling of well-being

Wanzl’s V21 ticket machine at MySpa in Munich ensures a relaxed check-out

Escape the everyday humdrum and immerse in a feeling of well-being. Taking time for oneself and one’s needs and escaping to a quiet, restful environment within the city is a common desire. MySpa in Munich enables customers to have just this experience and, with its novel concepts, presents an appealing alternative to conventional thermal baths and wellness hotels. Besides a relaxed atmosphere, the company focuses on providing equally relaxed personal service to its guests. The wellness provider opted for the V21 ticket machine from Wanzl Access Solutions for fast and easy processing of payments on site.

MySpa’s concept is based on the idea of affording customers an escape to their personal wellness sanctuary. For the greatest possible relaxation, customers can choose their own, personal spa area. From the moment of booking to the actual visit through to payment, MySpa guarantees an all-round stress-free wellness experience from start to finish. It can be booked conveniently, inexpensively and at short notice online. Its three Wellzone categories – Classic, Premium and Exclusive – ensure that MySpa offers something for everyone. With room for up to three people per area, the concept ensures maximum privacy and discretion – with guaranteed relaxation.

Wanzl_Kassenautomat V21_MySpa München (3).jpg

The prices vary according to the duration of stay, the booked Wellzone categories and additional services. Whether for one or several hours, alone or in pairs, accompanied by snacks and drinks, with music, sauna or whirlpool, relaxation always comes as a complete package here. The customer is king, and their visit can be arranged individually according to their requirements and expectations. At the MySpa check-in, guests are welcomed personally by the staff and taken to their spa area. In addition, on their first visit they are given an RFID card that gives them access to the premises, opens lockers and makes future stays and bookings even easier. Last but not least, a visit to MySpa is completely carefree thanks to the innovative technology from Wanzl. At the conclusion of the spa visit, additional booked services can be conveniently and easily paid for at the V21 ticket machine in the foyer. “We decided on the V21 from Wanzl in order to offer our guests a relaxed, easy check-out procedure at the end of their wellness day, thus rounding off our full-spectrum service,” says a satisfied Dahlak Andeghergis, branch manager at MySpa in Munich. “The intuitive operation and interactive menu navigation ensure that our guests are provided with the appropriate payment convenience. Relieving staff from handling the payment processes allows them to attend fully to the needs of the guests in the spa areas. The V21 is a true enrichment and significantly enhances the wellness we offer.”  

Centrally located in the foyer and discreetly integrated into the wooden wall, the ticket machine has the elegant and modern design of an oversized smartphone. “The LED lights match the blue elements of our interior design perfectly in terms of colour, and give the user interface a visually appealing frame,” explains Dahlak Andeghergis. “This allows us to create a harmonious overall appearance that reflects the MySpa philosophy.” The V21's interactive menu navigation guides guests through the various payment options and processes after their spa stay – calmly and intuitively.

Wanzl_Kassenautomat V21_MySpa München (1).jpg

Each individual step is displayed on the clearly configured 21" touch screen. LED light strips signal the operating status of the respective action fields in the machine housing. If these flash, they are ready for operation. In this way, visitors can immediately see what needs to be done. “In order to be able to respond fully to the wishes of our guests, also in this aspect of their visit, we decided, in consultation with Wanzl, to offer the option of cash, credit and EC card payment,” explains Andeghergis. “Thanks to Wanzl's comprehensive expertise when it comes to security, comfort, payment and design, we have succeeded in making a visit to MySpa even more convenient for our guests while offering them the best possible wellness experience.”