Galaxy Port

State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access

  • Toughened safety glass swivel arms for passages up 1,200 mm wide
  • LED glass dome with integrated RFID reader
  • Sensor-controlled two-way direction detection, double-sided

Galaxy Port access points open in two directions either via a control panel or an RFID reader integrated into the glass dome. The integrated sensor system detects the direction in which the toughened safety glass swivel arm needs to move to enable passage.

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Product details


Stainless steel upright, toughened safety glass swivel arm is opened using state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled play-free drive technology, adjustable hold-open time, impulse-controlled closing function, programmable WEAC control with web server option for control via a smartphone, integrated alarm system (e.g. alarm for unauthorised access), climb over / crawl under alarm, release and alarm indicator integrated into glass dome, LED operating status indicator as swivel arm light.

Passage rate

One-time release for up to 10 people per minute (depending on the concept)

Installation surface

Concrete foundation C25/30 or ground with a minimum compressive strength of 25 N/mm², flatness tolerance of +/- 5 mm, finished floor.


Upright: Stainless steel sanded and brushed or coloured plastic powder coating.


Light barriers, ultrasound sensor and ceiling sensor system.

Operating status indicator

Operating status indicator
The operating status in both directions is signalled on the glass dome by means of the integrated LED lighting.

Interfaces, connecting devices

Interfaces, connecting devices
Potential-free make contact, control via network. Connection terminal strip for easy cabling of peripheral devices. If possible, the peripheral device is integrated into the housing. In combination with the Facility Management Control Unit (FMCU), additional devices and databases can also be built in according to customer requirements (see Accessories: FMCU).


After release by the integrated RFID reader, radar or control panel, the swivel arm opens in the direction of passage. Sensors on both sides detect from which side a person is coming. After the user has passed the system the swivel arm completely closes again. The integrated sensors monitor passage when the arms are open and when they are closed. LEDs in the glass dome, and at the swivel arm with toughened safety glass, signal release and tampering. All attempts at tampering and unauthorised access are prevented and indicated by the alarm.

Control program for the external PC, control panel, emergency OPEN button, external release button, monitoring sensor, control panel, control program for the external PC, WEB control panel, base support console, FMCU LCD colour display with separate base, Galaxy Gate, channelling elements, mounts for peripheral devices. Can be released in two directions using various external readers, a control panel, or an integrated RFID reader.

Wanzl Access Manager: The Galaxy Port can be controlled with Wanzl Access Manager. Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators almost in real time at any access control point.


Success stories

Klinikum Herford (Germany)

Keeping patients safe and healthy – Klinikum Herford places its trust in Galaxyport Protect from Wanzl for reliable infection control

TÜV Rhineland, Cologne (Germany)

High-quality certification marks and access control