The new 24/7 shopping experience

  • Can be integrated into an existing store or used as a stand-alone solution
  • Compartments with different temperature zones for different products
  • Automated storage allows easy filling

The dispenser supplies customers with urgently needed products around the clock, with a focus on the user's shopping experience. With its simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation, it allows customers to make purchases even after closing time.

Preview Dispenser for Retail Sector
Dispenser for Retail Sector
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E-food and supermarket logistics
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Product details

The new self-service

Customers’ needs have no closing times. On the Internet, most business is done when the local store has called it a day. Weekends and evening hours from 6 p.m. to midnight are particularly popular. This is a challenge for the brick-and-mortar trade, as many countries have legal requirements regarding opening hours. An additional online store is not an option for all retailers, as the logistics for fast delivery to the end customer also means costs of additional personnel and time spent.


The dispenser can be integrated into an existing store or operated as a stand-alone solution. The length and height of the dispenser can be varied and requires little open space. The experienced Wanzl Shop Solutions team will be happy to provide advice and assistance in the planning of a complete store conversion or a new build. Integration. At Wanzl we now have a new shop format in our range which can be used to provide the products that customers urgently need right around the clock: a fully automatic goods dispensing system for the retail sector. The dispenser is accessible at any time of day or night and focuses on the shopping experience of your customers. Whether for food, fashion, chemist goods or non-food products, every single shop that is designed and brought to life by Wanzl stands out from the crowd with its unique character. We will work together with you to develop and implement a modern and economical shop concept that is optimally tailored to your requirements and the needs of your customers.

The ideal addition for shops with limited sales space

If no free space is available in the sales area, the dispenser can also be placed in an adjacent storage room, cellar or upper floor and linked to a dispensing compartment in the sales area. This is particularly suitable for commodity products that customers buy without comparing and evaluating. Customers select their items from the warehouse via a terminal in the store and continue shopping during the picking process, such as at a fresh produce counter or a shelf with goods on special offer. Or they wait a few moments for their order and then watch your advertising on the display.

Different temperature zones

The dispenser features compartments with different temperature zones so that even packaged fresh or chilled products can be offered, such as vegetables, beverages or dairy products.

Automated storage

Filling the machine is easy, as the gripper arm places the items into storage automatically. On the back of the machine there is a scanner and a conveyor belt. The employee first scans the item and then places it on the conveyor belt. One after the other. Once the item has reached the end of the conveyor belt, the picking robot takes it and stores it in a free compartment. Plastic trays are available for pressure-sensitive items or items that are difficult to grasp, making storage and retrieval easier. The items can be in any arbitrary order, as they are stored according to the principle of chaotic storage. Several different items may sometimes even be stored in one tray. All the scanned items are automatically registered in the merchandise management system of the store or dispenser. Continuous, automatic stocktaking as well as monitoring and tracking of best-before dates ensures that stocks are controlled autonomously and, if necessary, a message is sent to the store manager when the availability of individual items is running out.

This is how it works ...

Ordering via the terminal

On a 27-inch touch screen, the customer selects the required quantity of the desired item and places it in the virtual shopping basket. The items are divided into categories and, within a category, the list can be sorted by price, name or popularity, for example. In the case of food, for instance, filters can also be set for allergens, so that the relevant items are hidden in the list. Products such as alcohol and cigarettes that can only be sold to specific age groups are also subject to an additional age check, which is carried out during the payment process using the customer’s identity card.


The customer pays by EC or credit card at the card reader below the screen. A link to online payment services is also possible. Just like in the store, customers can request to have a receipt
issued after payment.

Goods preparation

Once the payment process has been completed, the picking robot takes the ordered goods from the shelf and places them on the conveyor belt for dispensing. As an option, performance can be increased by installing a second gripper arm. While the goods are being prepared, the customer can enter a suggestion at the terminal as to which additional product they would like to see in the product range. This assists the retailer in finding out more about their customers’ preferences. Or they can watch how the goods are automatically picked from the shelf through a viewing window. This adds an additional experience factor to the shopping trip!

Removal of goods

A conveyor belt links the storage area with the sales area. At the end of the conveyor belt, the customer receives the goods. A return station for the plastic trays is located next to the conveyor belt.

Service hotline and maintenance

A round-the-clock service hotline is available for both the operator and the end customer on site to provide assistance in the event of system malfunctions. We recommend regular maintenance after a defined number of gripping cycles. Our service partner has extensive expertise in maintenance and cleaning to ensure that the value, functionality and availability of the machine is maintained in the long term.