Wanzl supports the retail sector

Effective solutions for employee and customer protection

The COVID-19 pandemic poses extreme challenges for society. The parameters of public behaviour are currently being completely redefined. Social distancing and reducing contact are two key concepts impacting daily life. This is a huge task for the retail sector. Employees and customers need to be protected in the best possible way while ensuring a quick and smooth shopping process. Workable solutions are required. As a long-standing partner to the retail sector, Wanzl responds quickly and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Controlling the flow of people

Adhering to the minimum distancing requirement of 1.5 metres between individuals is one of the most important factors in reducing the risk of infection. As such, an effective customer guidance system is necessary at junction points in particular, such as checkout areas or advice counters. Queue management is easy and quick with mobile spacers such as those used at passport control or check-in at airports. Information boards clearly indicate the mandatory stopping points. In the area just before the cash desks, mechanical or electronic checkout barriers ensure strict maintenance of social distance, meaning that there will always be only one person at the checkout conveyor belt at a time. Entry to this area for the next customer is only released once the payment process has been completed – either by means of sensor technology or by the checkout staff pressing a button. For additional safety, a plexiglass screen separating customers and employees acts as a spit and sneeze guard. Be it due to lack of space or at peak times, some stores need to limit the number of customers in their stores at any given time. Video-based customer counting, information screens and automated entry options allow for a smooth process. Stereoscopic ceiling cameras record and count entering and exiting customers. Those waiting at the entrance are notified of the current entry status via the display. Once the maximum number of shoppers in the store has been reached, the doors will only open again when a customer leaves the store.

Ensuring hygiene

As well as social distancing, daily and regular hygiene is of utmost importance. Wanzl offers a variety of products for quick cleaning, protected transport and easy disposal. The sturdy hygiene wipes dispenser makes disinfection wipes and a waste bin for used wipes available to customers. The service tower provides disposable gloves as well as information brochures and makes important information available via a board. Customers can obtain bags for hygienic removal and for the transport of fresh products as well as disposable gloves from the bag and glove dispenser. Hygiene is also a key consideration in the BakeOff 2.1 and BakeOff 3.0. Here, freshly baked goods are presented in an inviting manner behind glass, well-protected from droplets. The BakeOff 3.0 is even impressive when its hygiene covers are fully closed. In addition, a separate hygiene service is available for shopping trolleys, hand baskets and rolling baskets. Wanzl carries out the professional cleaning and disinfection of goods transport systems as well as, if required, their maintenance or repair using genuine spare parts.

Ensuring supply

The general increase in demand, for certain product groups in particular, necessitates solutions for optimal in-store presentation of stock. Mobile product displays make it possible for particularly popular product ranges to be flexibly and easily positioned in large quantities in the store. Outdoor sales shelters such as the Sigma Present and Alpha Present product ranges provide additional sales floor space. Of course, the retail sector staff must also be considered as the greater customer flow that accompanies an increase in demand requires a lot of the staff. Places of retreat are therefore vitally important. They offer tranquillity for relaxation and demonstrate appreciation. Wanzl plans and designs customised staff facilities that are appealing and safe.

Mobile queuing posts
Checkout barrier
Checkout barrier and plexiglass screen
External sales shelters
Hygiene wipe dispenser
Video-based customer counting