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Pallet containers

The pallet is a central factor in the warehouse and in logistics. Storage areas, stowage space in vehicles and packing units for retail are designed based on its measurements. The many useful properties of the pallet are given a new dimension by a Wanzl pallet container. For example, the PC80 pallet container corresponds to the size of a quarter pallet. It is stackable and can be folded if required. It is suitable for smaller load volumes of up to 200 litres. There is of course an ingenious solution for a half pallet size as well:

MC 300 pallet container

With 264 l volume in half-pallet dimensions of 800 x 600 mm

PC 1000/1 pallet container

Up to 1000 kg load capacity for Euro pallets measuring 1200 x 800 mm

PC 80 pallet container

With 200 l volume in quarter-pallet dimensions 600 x 400 mm

The Wanzl MC300 pallet container holds a volume of up to 286 litres. Both models stand sturdily on wire stacking feet, meaning they can be easily integrated into warehouse and transport processes. The largest Wanzl pallet container is the PC1000/1 model – it holds a volume of around a thousand litres. The closed grid construction is sturdy and can be supplied with a divider on request. Like all Wanzl pallet containers, the PC1000/1 can also be seamlessly integrated into various professional warehouse environments. As with a regular pallet, it can also be conveniently transported by forklift. 

Wanzl – an established partner in the warehouse

Storage, presentation and transportation of goods – this is the world of Wanzl. The practical pallet containers are just one of many products in this world of merchandise.

The company, headquartered in southern Germany, has made a name for itself internationally as a global leader in the shopping trolley segment. The constant exchange of ideas with retailers and logistics service providers means that ever-more-innovative products have been added to the Wanzl range throughout the company’s history, which spans around a hundred years. The pallet systems division alone includes many helpful tools such as pallet boxes, pallet bars and systems pallets, alongside the practical pallet container. 

Want to restructure your warehouse? Then consider the many practical solutions offered by Wanzl. The Wanzl sales team from the Logistics + Industry division will be happy to advise you on the different products. Benefit from sophisticated solutions, top quality and excellent service.