UN Global Compact sustainability initiative

Wanzl GmbH & Co. Holding KG has joined the United Nations Global Compact. The world’s largest and most important initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance has officially confirmed the inclusion of the Leipheim-based manufacturer for retail, material handling and access solutions as well as airport and hotel services. By joining the UN Global Compact, Wanzl is now part of an alliance of more than 21,000 companies and organisations worldwide that have committed themselves to contributing to a sustainable economy through responsible business practices.

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Electroplating with active sustainability

Wanzl – one of the biggest electroplating businesses in Europe – is also an environmental pioneer when it comes to surface coating: the complete electroplating technology uses trivalent chromium plating in order to protect people and the environment. The newly established electroplating plant in Leipheim sets a shining example and meets the strictest requirements in terms of sustainability. You can breathe easy here! The exhaust air is thoroughly cleaned down to the smallest particle using wet scrubbers and droplet separators. And the high air flow ensures a good climate. 

The exhaust heat itself is used for environmentally friendly heating in the halls, saving 3 million kWh of energy and thus a great deal of CO2 as well. By comparison: This use of regenerative energy from exhaust heat corresponds to a gas volume of 270,000 m³ (9,534,960 ft³) or 300,000 litres (65,990 gallons) of heating oil, and the CO2 reduction compared with fossil energy use is over 500 or over 770 tonnes of CO2. This sustainable commitment is catching on: in nature, with customers, suppliers, co-workers and all other people and interested parties in contact with Wanzl.

Wanzl: The nature of the thing

Wanzl is always on the ball! That applies just as much to environmental protection. We are very aware that our activities influence the environment. With this knowledge and our conviction, we consider it to be our duty to act responsibly towards people and the environment. Wanzl has set up a dedicated internal environment committee to ensure that these aspects are protected. The main aim is to continuously and sustainably reduce environmental impact and energy consumption, taking into account the applicable laws and regulations.

Regenerative cycles

Wanzl has also been designated an ECOPROFIT company for its commitment to reducing the consumption of energy, water and resources and to minimising waste. The company’s recycling rate is 97% and the recycling rate for plastic is 80%.