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Pallet systems

A pallet is an indispensable part of modern logistics: it can hold enormous loads which can be moved easily using forklifts. Pallets together with their load are often wrapped in durable film for transport or secured using straps. Once unpacked in the warehouse, pallets are only of limited use, unless the practical Wanzl pallet systems are used. Our pallet systems are suitable for space-saving storage as well as transporting by forklift.

MC 300 pallet container

With 264 l volume in half-pallet dimensions of 800 x 600 mm

PA-300/1 pallet box

With 340 l volume for Düsseldorf multi-use pallets

PA-X pallet box

For Euro pallets measuring 1,200 x 800 mm

Pallet bars

Highly robust and easy to use

PC 1000/1 pallet container

Up to 1000 kg load capacity for Euro pallets measuring 1200 x 800 mm

PC 80 pallet container

With 200 l volume in quarter-pallet dimensions 600 x 400 mm

System pallet

Mobile pallet shelf for Euro pallets measuring 1200 x 800 mm

Wooden pallet box

Stylish display units for fruit and vegetables, dry-cured sausage, eggs and much more

This is particularly true for the structure with two loadable and anti-slip wooden bases. Since the shelf which is created is securely screwed to the Euro pallets, this system can even be moved by forklift.

Wanzl pallet systems for storage and transport

Logistics operators know through their everyday routine that there is a shortage of space in almost any warehouse, that processes such as putting into stock, rebooking or unloading are always performed under pressure, and finally that safety also plays a key role. Wanzl has taken all these factors into account in developing the pallet systems. Closed grid constructions are offered with the pallet containers, and these can serve as substructures without the need for a pallet. The benefit of this is that plenty of storage space is provided inside the grid box, which can even be closed if required. Sturdy pallet boxes which can be directly screwed to a standard pallet provide the ideal alternative.

Pallet boxes can be folded to save space for transporting without a load, or for intermediate storage. The pallet boxes can be safely and easily stacked, as can our pallet bars which are especially suitable for bulky items.

Pallet systems also suitable for temporary use at the POS 

Wanzl pallet systems and pallet containers not only look good in the warehouse but also make a great addition directly at the point of sale – in specific campaign weeks or during a sale. Pallet systems attract customers’ attention, are immediately accessible and can be returned to the warehouse after the end of the promotion. Wanzl is the go-to choice when it comes to optimised storage and presentation of goods. Our experts are happy to advise if you have questions about our products or storage facility design.