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wire tech 100 for hotels

High-quality shelving systems flexibly combined


The flexible all-rounder

GS-Lobby luggage collection trolley

The elegant luggage collection trolley

Aera® 300 L

The stylish luggage transport trolley


Housekeeping – extra economical

Bottle trolley

Mobile, space-saving bottle trolley

GR-Slim clothes stand

A pared-down form with unsurpassed functioning

GS-Group luggage collection trolley

The luggage collection trolley for group luggage

GS-Trend luggage collection trolley

The extravagant luggage collection trolley

Handcart SW 145 KX

The agile model for hotels of every size

Handcart SW 80

Sorting laundry made easy


The elegant and manoeuvrable multi-function trolley by Wanzl

KS600 luggage stand

Somewhere for every item of luggage

Laundry trolley LT 240

XXL laundry service

Part Flex 2000

Flexible guidance system

Part Line 2000

One of the finest examples of guidance systems

Room change trolley RCW

A professional solution for changing rooms


The room-service table

Serving trolley EG 300

The classic serving trolley

Serving trolley EU 300

Flexible, manoeuvrable serving trolley

Shelved laundry container AL

A mobile container for transporting laundry

Shelved laundry trolley KT3

Transport trolley for clean laundry.

Sprung-base trolley AL

A laundry trolley for smooth service

SW 290 KX handcart

The agile model for hotels of every size

T25 transport trolley

The small assistant for a wide range of areas