Shelved laundry trolley KT3

Transport trolley for clean laundry.

  • Adjustable shelves for easy handling
  • Agile and easy to manoeuvre thanks to the 5th castor
  • 2 pushing handles

Transport trolley for clean laundry

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Product details

Standard equipment:

Chassis made from square tubing. Side panels made from square tubing frame with wire lattice, inserted into chassis and screwed into place. 4 adjustable shelves. 4 large deflectors to protect the furniture and equipment.


High gloss, galvanised, chrome plated


4 swivel castors, fifth castor diameter 125 mm, fitted in the centre for easy manoeuvrability. The shelved laundry trolley can turn on the spot.

Pushing handles fitted as standard

Pushing handles fitted as standard
Simple and comfortable operation in confined spaces thanks to the two pushing handles.


Deflectors protect your interior décor from damage.