The classic entrance system for reducing discrepancies in inventory

  • Stylish and functional
  • High-quality engineering takes care of all safety and security issues
  • Individual and double-gate versions with intermediate and exit sections

Ecoport entrance systems from Wanzl have all the functions required for day-to-day use. Reliable operation, durable engineering, barrier-free access for all customers and standard-equipped anti-panic features are all basic features.

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Standard technical equipment

  • Max. operating voltage of 24 V DC for the highest levels of safety.
  • Ecoport systems comply with both national and international safety requirements.
  • Synchronised opening of the swivel arm in all double systems without a central divider.
  • Adjustable hold-open time from 1 to 16 seconds. The system then closes again automatically.
  • Direction of opening can be adjusted on-site.


Power supply from the ceiling

230 V feed line and signal line from the ceiling mean that no structural work is necessary and simplify alterations.

Digital counter

Counts customers using direction-sensing radar, output via digital display. Factory-set radar sensitivity enables the highest possible count accuracy.

Push button

The swivel arm opens after activating the push button.

Digital counter unit for base with 50 mm diameter

Recording of customer frequency. 8-digit display with reset button for resetting. Installation in the base of the entry section.

Standard control panel

For manual control of systems with single opening and permanently open options.

Foot-operated switch

The swivel arm opens after activating the foot-operated switch.

Info signs

Info sign made of plastic, printed, for installation in the swivel arm. Comes complete with mounting material or pre-installed.

Product details


Upright and Classic swivel arm made of steel tubing, high-gloss chrome-plated. Pivot mechanism fully integrated in the upright, providing a particularly high level of injury protection. Info sign made of white plastic or transparent acrylic glass, printed on both sides.


Ecoport entrance systems are available with either light barriers or radar control. In the case of two-way systems, the second system is controlled by an infrared light barrier. The radar control saves space, as in most cases it is possible to dispense with an entry section.

Adjustable radar beam

Adjustable radar beam
Flexible adaptation of the radar beam for optimum customer registration and to suit the space available from 0.5 up to a maximum of 2.5 m.

Anti-panic feature

Anti-panic feature
In an emergency, the barrier can be opened in the direction of the exit.

Wanzl Access Manager

The Ecoport can be controlled with Wanzl Access Manager. Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators almost in real time at any access control point.


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Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators a...