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Goods security

Trust is good, control is better. That could be the motto for the series of products developed by Wanzl for effective goods security. Visually, the cutting-edge systems blend in with their surroundings, so that customers notice as little as possible of the sophisticated technology in the sales area. At Wanzl, we even provide the option of integrating goods security into entrance systems or customer guidance systems. In view of the rising theft rates in the retail industry, goods security is an investment that always pays off in the long term.

AM goods security

Our solution for 58 kHz technology

RF goods security

Our solution for 8.2 MHz technology

Find the right goods security system

Ultimately, every retailer makes their own decisions about how often and where in the shop checks are performed. The value of the goods on offer should be considered when defining the respective security level. Essentially, every entrance and exit as well as access points to toilets or changing rooms should be integrated into the individual goods security system. In most cases, the entrances and exits, as well as the area behind the checkout in supermarkets or DIY stores are fitted with a goods security system. This detects tags from other retailers at the entrance and deactivates them, but also detects tags from the retailer’s own store which have not been deactivated or which are damaged. There is also the option of the goods security system sounding an auditory signal or combining an auditory and visual alarm. This is always the case if the equipment detects tags from the respective store that have not been deactivated. You can rest assured that all Wanzl systems will always sound the alarm if discrepancies are found and that they are completely reliable. 

Benefit from sophisticated technology 

Wanzl offers customers the choice of three different operating systems. In a radio frequency-type system, the goods security system detects 8.2 MHz RF tags which have not been removed or deactivated and triggers the alarm. In the mono system function, a single antenna works as a transmitter as well as a receiver. The multiple-unit systems function enables an antenna to act as a transmitter and a different antenna to act as a receiver. Wanzl also provides the appropriate equipment for all types of goods security, such as RF labels in different sizes or RF bottle tags for the security of high-value liquids such as perfumes, drinks, etc.