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Traveller Shop

The hotel industry was one of the very first to experience a lack of available staff. The consequences have been noticeable, as more and more skilled workers are being sought, but no longer found, while the remaining staff are being taken from areas of activity that are not part of their direct core business. As a result, the operations of cafés, bars, snack bars and restaurants are becoming increasingly restricted, and in some cases even completely discontinued.

But what alternatives can you offer your guests after they have just settled in their hotel or city apartment, feel hungry or thirsty and too tired to want to leave the hotel? Our Traveller Shop answers this question in an impressive way. 

Guests can get what their heart desires 24 hours a day. Bread rolls or croissants, coffee or tea for an extended breakfast, water or orange juice to quench your thirst and a glass of red wine to help you fall asleep. All of this can be taken with you to your room or enjoyed on site, alone or with your travel companion, in the adjacent cafe or bar area.

Our designers have succeeded in giving this integrated 24/7 shop-café-bar an elegant, yet cosy flair, which is particularly appealing to business travellers. Important: The Wanzl concept integrates all the system elements required for fully autonomous operation of the Traveller Shop: tried-and-tested self-check-in and self check-out (SCO), interactive pay stations and ticket machines (e.g. for entry or parking) and a display with travel TV programming.

Vice City

Anyone who likes to spend long holidays at the beach knows that the wonderful energy you get from continuous sunshine, gusts of wind and salt water, is the special rejuvenation factor of a holiday at the seaside.

Anyone who loves this (but who doesn't?) also knows that a nearby kiosk is essential for relaxing on the beach. At some point, hunger, thirst or other needs will compel you to leave your deckchair. The fewer steps you have to walk to get a soft drink, water, beer or juices, sandwiches, local specialities or sunblock, the better! Vice City meets these needs with casual confidence – and at the same time leaves no doubt that relaxation should be mixed with as much "joie de vivre" as possible.

Those who come here just to "fill their tanks" will also have an opportunity to get everything they need for their beach holiday (but perhaps forgot at home) – from sunscreen and mascara to swim rings and beach mats to swimming trunks and bikinis.

Despite it's tongue-in-cheek name, the Vice City concept is less geared towards our vices but more towards Florida-style “fun, fun, fun”. The flashy coolness is reflected in dashing shades of pink and bright neon lighting. It was modelled on the virtual backdrop of the cult game Grand Theft Auto – entirely in line with the target group, which tends to be on the younger side. Designed completely for self-service, it’s easy and quick to make purchases!

Alpine chalet

Alpine chalet – a place that exudes comfort and warmth, a place where people enjoy meeting each other and a place that is a haven for social interaction even in adverse external circumstances.

Alpine chalet – a place that also offers the ideal space to sit back and relax for a few minutes at a trade fair as turbulent as EuroShop and to meet for relaxed discussions. With our alpine chalet, we are certain that you will enjoy visiting our trade fair stand! In addition to the information offered and the inviting environment, this place stands for the comprehensive service that our Wanzl teams can offer you with our retail solutions – both as a concept and a real-life implementation.

Our trade fair chalet is largely designed with natural, light-dark contrasting wood hues; the individual furnishing elements are not only perfectly coordinated in terms of the style as a whole, but also in terms of the individual décor elements. How do you prefer to stop off with us? You can decide whether you prefer to perch on the tall stools or in the sofa corner while chatting to one of our employees or other trade fair visitors.

Diversity with efficient use of space could be the approach here. The BakeOff module with an integrated range of drinks ensures that our visitors can have a bite to eat and get something to quench their thirst. At the same time, it provides an incisive impression of how your store could benefit from fully automating your baking sales. Check out our service and stylish flair and visit us in our chalet at the trade fair!


Freshly prepared baked goods are still one of the most popular foods of all time. The problem with this is that the production – but above all the entire handling and distribution of bread and bread rolls, pastries, confectionery and savoury products – all require a consistently high level of personnel and time. The current staff shortages in the entire retail sector make things even more difficult.

With Bakisto, Wanzl has been able to keep time and personnel expenditure to a minimum. Thanks to end-to-end automation, the system not only transforms the baking process into an efficient production and sales machine for its operators, but also ensures that baked goods leave the automatic process fresh and crispy. Artificial intelligence (AI), which works behind the scenes in the machines, is another positive factor. It not only controls the robot, but

based on archived data, current weather conditions or individual days of the week, it also supports the operator in calculating how many baked goods are needed on which day and at what time. If desired, the "cobot" variant of the robot is able to cooperate with people and is thus designed for hazard-free cooperation with human colleagues.

This extraordinary concept of a fully automated baking process was realised through a cooperation with industrial oven manufacturer, Wiesheu, and robotics company, fanuc.

House of senses

Luxury is not just something you have to be able to afford, it’s something you also have to really want. But anyone who can and wants to afford it will find all that they need in our exclusive Jazz Club – especially the proper atmosphere, so that they can feel exceptionally comfortable.

The Jazz Club offers an ambience that suits even the most sophisticated needs and luxurious obsessions. Art Deco dominates the style of the interior design here, from the simple elegance of the furniture, but mostly as a result of the gold-coloured decorative elements. Just the view into the club is already pleasing to the eye. Dark carpets and the interior effects of brass, velvet and walnut stand out beautifully in a contrasting effect.

Other sensual impressions are conveyed via the installed sound system. Visitors can also enjoy the subtle fragrance notes added to the room (such as from cedar wood) and other visual effects. With stylised intricacies and a principle of quality above all, the exclusivity of the Jazz Club casts a gleaming light on the goods on display. Here, connoisseur customers not only find their way to their product quickly, but they also find an environment that complements their sense of style and taste.


Innovation today happens especially when it is possible to successfully fill interfaces between products and services. With the founding of the Wanzl Innovation Hub, we have firmly established this way of thinking and acting firmly in our corporate culture and have been able to attract employees from the areas of sales, development (including software), as well as project and product management. To this end, we were able to inspire other participants from other companies and institutions to exchange knowledge in a spirit of partnership, i.e. for our mutual benefit.

In addition to the exchange of information,
the focus of the InnoHub is on the development and implementation of solutions that bring concrete progress in the retail sector. This is why we are working on the development of the Smart Trolley and the design of the SupremeStore CX.

After a first version of the Smart Trolley was successfully used in test markets, the combination of camera and screen is now being expanded with the use of artificial intelligence. The aim here is to check the scan processes for completeness and correctness so that purchasing and payment can be processed “in one go”.

On the other hand, SupremeStore CX is about implementing a concept for a fully staff-free and cash register-free shop. Artificial intelligence also plays a dominant role here. The aim of AI is to recognise keypoints and customers by using selected hardware components and thus ensure that the entire purchasing process is carried out smoothly.

Distribution hub

In the slipstream of the growing global e-commerce industry, online food sales have also become increasingly established. One of the exceptions is the sale of fresh produce. This had barely paid off up to now, mainly due to delivery times that were too long.

However, current quick commerce concepts – as the name suggests – have significantly increased the speed from ordering to delivery. This is due to the fact that distribution hubs (also referred to as “micro hubs”) have been strategically positioned, preferably in urban centres. These hubs allow sales staff to significantly shorten the distances from the POS to the POD. Customers are supplied with their ordered (fresh) items within a few hours.

An important prerequisite here is fast-response picking of goods in the respective hubs. Wanzl provides the solutions for this. These range from holistic logistics concepts specifically configured to customers’ unique requirements to complete digital solutions for the optimal operation of your goods traffic, to equipment with the required transport and logistics components.

This means that you can use our tried-and-tested shelving modules for fast picking as well as for classic warehoused goods. With our new order picking trolley, we are also laying the foundations for the entire order picking process to be as lean as possible!