Shelf/insert basket systems

L series for normal loads, S series for heavy loads

  • Endless variety of combination options
  • Complete freedom to arrange dividers – regardless of the shelf axis measurement
  • Optimal use of shelf space, no shelf surfaces required

Depending on the shelf dimensions, there is no limit on the possible extensions for the system. Dividers that can be inserted in a variety of ways give you full freedom of design.

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Product details

Standard design

Sturdy baskets, reinforced on base with upright flat plates. Brackets with triple hooks make attachment particularly easy, in horizontal position or inclined at 4.5° or 9°. 

L series with 25 mm wire interval for normal loads.
S series with 18 mm wire interval for heavy loads.

Finish: high-gloss galvanised chrome-plated. Coloured plastic powder-coated finish available on request.

Load capacity

S series: with a narrow wire gap, maximum 90 kg, for heavy loads
L series: with a wide wire gap, maximum 60 kg, for normal loads

Triple hooks

Triple hooks
For tailored product presentation

4 basket depths

4 basket depths
Enable staggered unloading

The perfect view

The perfect view
The scanner price rail, closely fitted and protected against damage.

Endless and variable

Endless and variable
You have complete freedom when it comes to arranging products on the shelf, as the insertion of dividers is not determined by the shelf axis measurement. The system offers endless and variable combination options.