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Welcome to Wanzl at EuroShop 2020!

What Customers Want – Interview with Jürgen Frank

Shop formats – An overview!

Urban Store – Smart and cahless!

Hard Discount - Structured, affordable and fast!

24/7 Self-Service – Around the clock, seven days a week!

Mobile Store – A flexible, space-saving and complete shopping environment

Dark Store – Expertise in retail and logistics!

Enjoyment Market – Shopping as a social experience!

DIY - Living Green

EuroShop 2020 – Interview with Gottfried Wanzl

Wanzl Strategy! Interview with Dr. Klaus Meier-Kortwig

Shopping Carts - M³EA, EvoGrip and EvoSeat

Checkout Zone - Efficient, convenient and safe!

Global Service - All-inclusive service for satisfied customers

YourTable Switch – Table, shelf and stepped presentation platform in one!

Megatrends - Interview with Theresa Schleicher

Megatrends - Interview with Andreas Starzmann

Voices - Visitor voices from the trade fair stand

Conclusion of the fair – Interview with Bernhard Renzhofer

EuroShop 2020 - Goodbye!

Impressions from our trade fair stand



Changes in retail have always been driven by technological and social transformation. We have been a partner to the retail business from the times of selling over a counter right through to the age of self-service.

With a close eye on the megatrends, we can see the next big wave of change headed for retail and have set a course for success. What does this mean for retail?


Interview with Theresa Schleicher
» When you look around on the streets today, one thing stands out in particular: our understanding of mobility has changed a great deal in recent years. «

Community retail

Interview with Andreas Steinle
» Local retailers will be selling one thing above all else in future: a sense of community. «


Interview with Theresa Schleicher
» Retail is facing new challenges as new technologies emerge and will have to grapple with much more than the choice between online and bricks and mortar. «

Gastro retail

Interview with Andreas Steinle
» When it comes to the future of retail, gastronomic options are gaining strategic importance. «

Local retail

Interview with Theresa Schleicher
» Regionality and personal links are playing an ever-greater role in our globalised, connected world. «


Interview with Andreas Steinle
» Climate change is not a theory – it is happening in front of our eyes. «

Shop formats

The way in which customers behave is changing. Shoppers switch back and forth between different channels depending on the situation and stage in the process. The channels have become inseparable in some cases. The answer to this is customer centricity.

Put your customers, their needs and their customer journey at the heart of what you are doing. Successful shop concepts are fully tailored to this shopping behaviour and so fulfil customer needs perfectly. This relies on a consistent change of perspective.

New products


» The weekly shop is extra speedy with the ScanTrolley «

Digital trolley lock

» Customers can use their smartphone to take a shopping trolley easily with the electronic deposit system. «


» Together with the comfortable EvoSeat child safety seat, the modular EvoGrip handle system creates an excellent package that can be tailored according to the market positioning, product range and customer profiles. «

Alpha trolley shelter

» The modern design of the Alpha trolley shelter adapts brilliantly to any architecture. «

BakeOff 3.0 “Hot”

» The BakeOff 3.0 system increases footfall in the retail space. «

BakeOff display

» The transparent design creates great product presence and strong sales impact. «

BakeOff i

» The BakeOff i enables smart management for the bread and bakery category. «

wire tech 100 i

» The wire tech 100 i monitors product levels on the shop floor and enables proactive restocking orders. «

pure tech with end upright

» pure tech has a real talent for sales: the wire system always ensures the products are the star of the show. «

Technoport Outdoor

» The proven Technoport entrance system is now available with protection against splashes for special applications in garden centres, DIY stores or leisure parks. «

Pure partitions

» Glass partitions are always popular in interior design, as transparency creates trust. «

YourTable Fresh

» The highly functional YourTable Fresh inspires impulse-buying at the POS with its practical attachments. «

YourTable Cool i

» YourTable Cool i boosts the appetite for convenience food. «

YourTable Switch

» Table, shelving and tiered display unit in one – the YourTable Switch. «

Pick To Light cart

» The Pick to Light cart enables several orders to be prioritised and picked at the same time in one operation. «


» The ProGlove smart wearable helps employees to establish seamlessly interlinked work processes. «

Information terminal H21

» The information terminal H21 with large multi-touch display provides an elegant platform for advertising and information such as ingredients, recipe suggestions or wine pairing recommendations at the POS. «

Ticket machine V21

» The ticket machine V21 is a simple and user-friendly solution for customers and reduces the workload for your till staff by issuing vouchers, SIM cards or store cards. «

Vending machine

» The vending machine caters for customers’ needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. «


» Compact, enticing, informative. The SCO checkout system makes extremely efficient use of the available space. «

Genesis cash desk

» For more emotion, more impulse buying, more convenience and more efficiency in the most productive area of the store. «

Automatic self-service checkout

» The automatic self-service checkout guides customers smoothly through the scanning process and records all of the items digitally. «

Trade fair stand