Do we still have money?

Wanzl stories (part 10)

Rudolf Wanzl remained part of the company well into old age, and long after he left an active role on the Management Board. He would walk around the company and was always delighted when he saw innovation in his life’s work. He enjoyed having conversations with employees who had been with the company for many years, or with one of the company suppliers, or with customers who crossed his path as he wandered around. And every evening he performed the same ritual: at precisely 6:30 p.m., Rudolf Wanzl appeared in the office of CFO Mr Derks, greeted him warmly, and – without being invited to do so – sat down at the small conference table.

“How’s everything going? Anything new to report?” This is how this brief evening chat would start, but it would always end with the following phrase: “I have to go home now – my wife has cooked dinner!” Then he would stand up, in order to call back briefly from the open doors: “Do we still have money?” A nod and a smile from Mr Derks was enough and Wanzl would then make his way home. See you tomorrow!