Singapore Airport (SGP)

6,100 trolleys for Changi Airport

Singapore Changi International Airport has won over 250 awards to date, and is an important hub for international air traffic in the Asia-Pacific region: 80 airlines fly to over 180 cities in more than 50 countries worldwide.

By January next year, the new Terminal 3, which is currently under construction, will be completed. The Singaporean airport will then be able to accommodate over 64 million airline passengers every year. Wanzl is set to deliver 2,500 'Combi E 300' luggage transport trolleys with extended platforms to the airport operator Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore in time for the terminal opening, so that even large luggage volumes can be transported with ease. In addition, the CAAS ordered 3,600 'Easy 300' Airport Shoppers with generous shopping basket volumes, for shopping in the 70 new retail stores in Terminal 3.