MUC® 400

C+C markets and larger speciality stores trust it

  • Largest platform in the MUC® series
  • Optimum nesting
  • Easy to move and reliable to steer

The large platform, spacious basket and intelligent solutions in the detail make the Multi-Cart 400 series stand out from the crowd. Cash and carry stores and large specialist stores rely on its sophisticated engineering and well-rounded concept, which make the transport trolleys easy to load, convenient to use and reliable to steer, even with heavy loads.

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Product details

Standard design

Standard design
Sturdy oval pipe construction with noise-attenuating plastic profiles, round tubular handle and plastic handle protection caps. Narrow-meshed basket and non-slip wire platform.


High-gloss galvanised and chrome-plated with baked-on plastic paint protection.


Low space requirement, can be nested for storage of the trolleys.


[1] Wanzl Box Classic (optional)

[2] Basket

[3] Wanzl swivel castors: Original Wanzl swivel castors, castor diameter 125 mm, rubber tread, with plastic deflector rings at rear as standard.

[4] Wire platform: The pressure spring under the platform raises it and ensures simple and quiet nesting.



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