Maintenance & Inventory

Maintenance and stock keeping

  • Full documentation of service tasks that have been performed
  • Recording of costs for personnel and materials
  • Evaluation of service costs for specific periods

Regular maintenance checks increase the cost-effectiveness of luggage transport trolleys. Each trolley is identified with a passive transponder and all maintenance work is analysed in detail.

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Benefits and requirements

  • Cost control / overview of maintenance performed
  • Statistical evaluation of costs per trolley/trolley group
  • Full and complete documentation of serviced trolleys
  • Overview of trolley inspections due (TÜV)
  • Hardware requirements:
    V24 USB interface for Wanzl scanner, CD drive, min. 200 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, 16 MB graphics card

Mobile scanner

Mobile scanner
Mobile scanner for inventory recording

Maintenance scanner

Maintenance scanner
Easy and fast reading of data


Luggage trolley identification via the transponder built into the handle cap.

Trolley history I

The workshop visits of each individual trolley and the costs incurred are recorded chronologically in the database.

Trolley history II

List and overview of all occurred defects in accordance with defined categories and frequency with overview of costs.

New visit to workshop

Documentation of the maintenance work performed. Recording of staff and material costs.

Trolley inventory

Displays all recorded luggage trolleys.