Me and all hotel Düsseldorf (D)

A living Room in Düsseldorf for hotel guests and locals alike

The very first me and all hotel opened in Düsseldorf in autumn 2016. It is located in the heart of the city, directly in the Japanese district also known as "Little Tokyo" on account of its top-class Asian restaurants, Japanese tea bars and shops. The Japanese flair can also be felt inside the me and all hotel, which has been fitted out as a boutique hotel with exquisite materials: delicate bamboo wood as panelling, dark cubes of solid wood that serve as comfortable armchairs, cushions with sophisticated patterns and light-as-air paper lanterns. Asian accessories like the famous waving cat – a big hit with guests – add the perfect finishing touch.

At the me and all hotel, guests immerse themselves in the charming, cosy atmosphere, where they can attend to business in the co-working zones, chat in the lounge-style ambience, and relax after work. Urban comfort meets exciting design.

One special aspect: local residents are actively invited to join in with activities at the hotel, thanks to the event concept of "Local Heroes". For instance, the weekly "feierabend" (after work) event at the me and all hotel düsseldorf presents DJs from throughout the region playing a variety of musical genres, inviting guests to relax and ring out the day while soaking up views of Düsseldorf. Local singers and songwriters regularly hold living room gigs in the unique atmosphere of the lounge, and monthly readings provide guests with tips on unusual books that have recently been published.

Additional me and all hotels are set to open in the cities of Mainz, Kiel and Hanover in the near future. Another hotel is scheduled to open in Düsseldorf by 2021, along with one at Stuttgart’s historic main station. Their interior designs will also be inspired by the city where they are located and regional artists and suppliers will be brought in as part of the "Local Heroes" concept.

Mundus for customised housekeeping

Mundus is the newest addition to the well-stocked range of Wanzl chambermaid trolleys. The trolley has been redesigned and modernised, is highly customisable and regularly boasts a surprisingly different new look. Each Mundus is a unique, personalised item designed to meet all standards and match the corporate identity of any company. Fifteen of these lightweight yet sturdy trolleys, made of a steel and aluminium hybrid, roll through the me and all hotel düsseldorf. The fifth wheel enables the trolley to stay agile yet always on track and allows it to spin on its axle within a very small radius.

Mundus for customised housekeeping
Die Wagen sind handlich und schön. Das metallicgraue Design ist dem Style des Hotels gut angepasst. Außerdem sind die Wagen besonders leicht, so kann man sie sehr einfach durch die Flure schieben. Das ist super für unsere Zimmermädchen. Der großzügige Stauraum unterstützt das effektive Arbeiten auf den Etagen. Die vielen Fächer des Wagens bieten passenden Platz für Amenities wie Kaffeesahne, Zucker, Schreibblöcke, Bleistifte und Flyer. Durch die großen Fächer ist auch genügend Stauraum für saubere Bettwäsche, Duschtücher und Handtücher.
DUNJA JELENIC, Housekeeping Supervisor me and all hotel düsseldorf