Wanzl hygiene solutions

For a safe start

Wanzl Hotel Service has always stood for the right answers and solutions when it comes to chambermaid trolleys and the like. However, Wanzl Hotel Service also sees itself as a service provider that thinks outside of the box for its customers in their own business. Especially in these times, it is enabling customers to benefit from product developments from the WANZL RETAIL SYSTEMS and WANZL ACCESS SOLUTIONS business divisions. For the hospitality industry, professional and proven hygiene solutions are thus available for a safe start all-round and a sustainable future. Everything from a single source.

“We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has an enormous impact on the entire world. We can sense how it affects us all. The way that people live and think has suddenly changed. The challenges for the hospitality industry are unprecedented. The time to deal with corona is now and a lot needs to be changed and implemented in both our daily private and professional lives. Many of these changes are likely here to stay, in particular in the hotel and travel industry. Choosing sustainable hygiene and safety concepts today means being profitable and successful tomorrow. For this reason, Wanzl Hotel Service is breaking new ground in protecting guests and hotel employees. We assist our customers with precisely tailored big and small solutions, analogue and digital,” explains Franziska Hänle, Head of International Sales, Wanzl Hotel Service.

Wanzl 3D People Counter

The Wanzl 3D People Counter, which comes from the WANZL RETAIL SYSTEMS business division and has already been successfully implemented in the retail sector, is a reliable solution for the mandatory limitation of the number of people and protects hotel and restaurant guests in accordance with the current hygiene and safety guidelines. As a 3D sensor-based customer counter, it can assist in minimising the risk of infection by limiting the number of people that may be present in the respective business, hotel, restaurant or bar. High counting accuracy is guaranteed and the counter meets data privacy requirements.

The pandemic and related new hygiene and safety guidelines state that,among other things, the number of guests that may be present in (hotel and restaurant) spaces are to be limited for the protection of guests. The video-based customer counter, the Wanzl 3D People Counter, provides accurate and precise data for this purpose. A screen at the respective entrance area of the hotel lobby and reception, restaurants & bars, conference areas as well as wellness facilities and spas, informs guests and employees of the current status of the number of people in this area and whether access is currently possible. Once the maximum permitted number of people in the area has been reached, this information is provided visually and, as an option, also acoustically. The maximum number of people can be set according to the square meters of floor area. The special feature of this video-based customer counter from Wanzl is that it also functions seamlessly in areas that have multiple entrances and exits. All that is needed is a stereoscopic camera for two-dimensional recording for reliable counting at entrances / exits. The only requirements on the part of the (hotel/restaurant) operator are a power socket(s) and Internet at the selected location.

Wanzl Access Solutions for Wanzl Hotel Service

Precisely tailored limitation of the number of people by means of gates, ports, turnstiles and gate systems with body temperature screening, face covering detection and sanitising systems

The proven Galaxy Gate, for instance with integrated temperature scanner, uses a thermal imaging camera to scan people’s body temperature fully automatically. Body temperature is measured entirely contactlessly and assists in determining acute fever. If fever is an indicator, measuring the skin surface temperature of guests in all entrance areas, for example, can serve as a quick preliminary screening and as an aid in dealing with the virus situation. The actual body temperatures should be further confirmed by means of clinical measuring devices. As soon as a value above the defined limit is detected, the gate system will not open and a message detailing the next steps will appear on the display. An alarm can be integrated as an option. The built-in thermal imaging camera has been specially developed for measuring body temperature. It can also be used in combination with face covering detection and reliably provides alerts in case of deviations. The temperature measuring range is 30°C to 45°C, the measuring accuracy is ±0.5°C. An upper limit for the permissible temperature can be set. The focused measuring range is the face area and is performed at a distance of 0.50 cm up to a maximum of 1.5 m. Both single person and group detection is possible and the bispectral camera records a combination of thermal and normal images.

The sanitising systems can be flexibly combined with all Wanzl gate systems and turnstiles. Passage is only permitted after use of the sensor-controlled (hand) sanitiser dispenser. A sanitising solution is sprayed directly onto the hands without contact. In this way, sensitive areas in the hotel can automatically provide the correct protection right from the entrance. The entrance system checks whether hands are sanitised without the use of staff. The gate system then opens in the direction of entry or exit depending on the guest’s request. A variety of precisely tailored models are available, depending on security requirements and the space available.

Simple guidance systems. Flexible customer routing.

Familiar from the Wanzl Hotel Service portfolio: Part Flex 2000 and Part Line 2000. They are helpful and advantageous because they are simple and mobile, flexible and also suitable for small budgets. The guidance systems for safe customer routing are suitable for use wherever passenger flows need to be guided or separated. The right solution is available for every task. Thanks to its sleek elegance for any occasion, the Part Flex 2000 for mobile use ensures subtle organisation of lobbies, foyers and meeting rooms. The steel tube uprights have a triple docking facility and an integrated roll-up mechanism for the pull-out belts in three colours. A practical add-on is the placard holder. The Part Line 2000 is the finest example of guidance systems. Available in chrome and brass versions, for both uprights and placard holders. The clearly visible twisted polypropylene rope in red looks elegant and allows for quick, temporary separation. It can be used to separate areas, demarcate distancing or cordon off zones. Uprights and barrier ropes can be ordered separately.