Material Handling

Wanzl at LogiMAT 2024

With configurable products for perfect warehouse equipment

From 19 to 21 March 2024, Wanzl will be presenting its product portfolio at the leading international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management under the slogan "Custom Solutions for your Operations" and showcase its broad expertise in warehouse equipment. This year, the focus in Hall 1, Stand G01 + 02 will be on the configurability of highlight products such as the KT3 and KT3 "drive" order picking trolleys and the RC/S9 roll cages. The Galaxy Gate 1.1 access gate with integrated metal detector will also be on display. In order to make its range even more user-friendly and clearer, the Leipheim-based intralogistics expert has further expanded the configuration of its classic products. This allows customers to tailor their warehouse equipment must-haves more individually and precisely to their needs. Even in real time in the online configurator on the Wanzl website.

The KT3 with individual accessories

Wanzl's KT3 order picking trolley is and remains the all-rounder in the warehouse. A wide range of accessories allows the product to be tailored to individual customer requirements. Using the online configurator on the Wanzl website - which can also be tested on site - anyone can create their own customised order picking trolley in just a few steps.
The range is based on twelve basic models of various sizes. With a screw-in shelf as a static element, the trolley can carry 100 kilograms and more, and up to 300 kilograms with a rear panel grate. Hook-in shelves provide more storage space. Here, the customer can choose between four options, which differ in the raised edge (25 mm or 100 mm) and the material (wire mesh or wood). Compartment dividers make order picking even more organised. Sheet metal shelves can be combined with sheet metal shelf dividers. Four original Wanzl swivel castors with a rubber tread make the trolley easy to manoeuvre, while optional brakes ensure a secure stand. If you want to turn the KT3 360 degrees on the spot, you can add a 5th castor. Pairs of powder-coated handles make it easier to steer the trolley. A handy writing board attached to the outside of the side panel helps with structured workflows. It has a terminal strip and the angle can be adjusted. A folding stepladder can be attached to the trolley to make the order picker's work easier. The electrically powered KT3 "drive" order picking trolley has four basic models of different sizes and can easily handle up to 300 kilograms. In addition to the options available on the classic KT3, the "drive" model can be fitted with BlueBeam, a visual lane departure warning system. The blue light beam is mounted on the side section and provides additional safety in the warehouse. The height of the handle unit on this model can be easily adjusted using a lever, ensuring ergonomic working for all employees. To make it easier to insert the Li-ion battery, Wanzl has replaced the clip holder with a slide-in holder. Thanks to new battery technology, energy recovery is now possible. Up to 30% of the energy consumed can be recovered by regenerative braking.

Customised roll cages

An online configurator for the RC/S9 roll cage, which is a must for every warehouse, will also be available on the Wanzl website from the start of the trade fair. With the RC/S9 model, Wanzl offers a high-gloss galvanised and chrome-plated roll cage in pallet dimensions with different heights. It can be fitted with four polyamide swivel castors with a diameter of 125 mm. If desired, two of the castors can be supplemented with a brake to ensure that the roll cage will stay securely in position. Whether as an open version or with doors at the front that can be secured with a padlock, here too the product can be customised to the customer's requirements. Wire or wooden shelves can be added as required. A textile tension belt ensures quick and convenient securing of goods. An optional clipboard attached to the side makes working with the roll cage even more convenient.

No opportunity for inventory discrepancies

With the innovative Galaxy Gate 1.1 access gate, Wanzl is taking the security aspect of warehouses to a new level. Placed in locations with high security requirements, the gate offers increased protection against theft. High swivel arms prevent climbing over and an intelligent sensor system immediately detects errors or unauthorised access. Used in conjunction with a metal detector, the access gate helps to minimise inventory discrepancies while protecting sensitive areas of a warehouse. The gate can be equipped with access control. Employees then have to authorise access by scanning a badge, for example. Available as an optional feature, it is possible to install a random generator that randomly blocks entrance or exit every so often, for example to allow random bag searches to be carried out. To allow for the standard passage of individuals, the opening angle of the swivel arm is configured to 60°. However, if an employee with a transport trolley or similar has to pass through the gate, the passage can be opened to 90°. With the Galaxy Gate 1.1, access to logistics centres, warehouses or individual sub-areas is simple and secure.

Wanzl plans and installs all warehouse equipment

Wanzl is a well-known provider of complete solutions for the retail industry. With its expertise and products, the expert from Leipheim can help design almost all areas of an e-commerce warehouse. Starting from the entrance: whether turnstiles, tripod barriers or swivel arms – the innovative and high-quality products are used wherever controlled access is necessary. The professional from Leipheim sets up logistics warehouses with holistic shelving solutions that are individually adapted to the customer and their requirements. The range extends from simple baskets and various pallet systems to entire shelving systems that allow storage space to be expanded quickly and easily. The different interior solutions can be varied and combined according to the customer’s needs. Innovative asset tracking solutions make it easy to monitor the flow of goods and transport. Wanzl can do even more: as a planning and design expert, Wanzl also designs the social areas in which warehouse employees spend their breaks, or can design an adjacent 24/7 shop for customers who want to take their goods with them right away. Wanzl offers everything from a single source, from the planning of the storage equipment to assembly. To this end, the company uses its internal synergies as a long-standing expert in material handling as well as in access solutions and shopfitting planning.