Wanzl and Nexobility – flexible payment system meets digital parking solution

Comprehensive digitalisation of parking and payment system ensures improved parking space management

Misplaced parking ticket, no small change, boom barrier won’t open – every driver has experienced these situations. Wanzl Access Solutions, specialists in fully automated access and ticketing systems, has joined forces with Nexobility GmbH, a leading provider of parking solutions with number plate recognition. In a joint collaboration, they have developed a comprehensive offer for improving parking space management using Wanzl’s individually configurable V21 and V17 payment terminals and Nexobility’s BetterPark digital parking solution.

In line with smart city concepts, this collaboration helps to make cities more efficient, more technologically advanced and more liveable through digitalisation. “At Wanzl Access Solutions, we see ourselves as a complete solution provider for access systems to protect sensitive areas. Together with Nexobility’s parking service, we can now offer our customers an innovative digital parking solution that can be easily integrated into existing structures,” explains Bilal Chaouch, Senior Account Manager at Wanzl. “We are very honoured to be able to work with Wanzl. We look forward to an intensive collaboration and the synergies resulting from the combination of our parking solution with Wanzl’s access systems and digital interfaces,” adds Sebastian Löffler, Managing Director of Nexobility GmbH.

Boom-free parking and cashless payment

The number of cars on Germany’s roads totals almost 48 million, which means that there is a need for sufficient parking spaces, car parking facilities, multi-storey car parks, and underground car parks, especially in cities and at public buildings such as hospitals or supermarkets. The new product combination from Wanzl and Nexobility makes analogue parking discs, ticket inspectors and long queues at parking booms a thing of the past. The BetterPark digital parking management system from Nexobility makes a modern, boom-free parking experience possible. Scanners record the parking duration of all vehicles using their number plates – automatically and in compliance with data protection regulations. If, for example, a customer does not exceed the time limit for free parking when out shopping, they can simply leave the car park without purchasing a parking ticket.



For transferring the recorded number plates and in the event that a customer exceeds the limit for free parking and must purchase a parking ticket, the multifunctional terminals from Wanzl provide a convenient digital interface that offers all payment types. The customer simply has to enter their vehicle licence number at the terminal and can pay for the ticket in cash, by card or NFC. The V17 terminal from Wanzl is made of sturdy, polished stainless steel and features a reader for prepaid cards as well as a payment function that has been specially optimised for cash. The fully automated V21 terminal impresses with its modern design and convenient and interactive menu navigation. In both digital and analogue terms, the terminals meet the highest security standards. The integrated ETISS ERP® software enables professional and secure management of all transactions. An an option, Wanzl terminals offer special canopy solutions as well as integrated heating to protect against moisture and cold. This means that they can be installed in both indoor and outdoor car parks.

Digital solution for parking management

Thanks to Wanzl’s modern ETISS ERP® software platform, customer-specific IT solutions can be easily implemented via standardised interfaces and networked with the BetterPark application. A common use case is, for example, in retail car parks in places with a shortage of parking spaces, which are usually closed off at night after business hours. With the help of the parking space management solution from Wanzl and Nexobility, the actual parking space utilisation can be determined. As a result, verifiably free parking spaces can be automatically leased to third-party users, such as residents, without negatively affecting operations.

The system is fully flexible. RFID, barcode and QR readers, for instance, are available at Wanzl terminals for approving parking authorisations. To ensure customer loyalty, Wanzl terminals can continue to issue user-friendly paper-based tickets or receipts, as desired. With the end-to-end solution from Wanzl and Nexobility, municipal and private owners of parking facilities, hospitals, airports and retail outlets have a fully digitalised and highly economical parking and payment concept at their disposal, which minimises both personnel costs and the use of service-intensive hardware.