Unlock your 24/7 access: Discover the future of gyms

Wanzl Access Solutions at FIBO 2024 in Cologne (Hall 8, Stand C15)

Between 11 and 14 April, Wanzl will showcase its innovative and high-quality access solutions under the motto "Unlock your 24/7 access: Discover the future of gyms" at FIBO in Cologne – the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. In Hall 8, Stand C15, Wanzl’s focus will be on the elegant Galaxy Gate 1.1 access gate, the barrier-free Galaxyport and the Sirio turnstile, which can all be controlled centrally via Wanzl Access Manager and enable automated, staff-free access. With the V21 multifunction terminal, Wanzl also offers gym operators the option of signing membership contracts digitally in the gym, buying day passes and registering new members. Wanzl's extensive experience in the use of ceiling sensors enables accurate people counting in each studio. When it comes to interior design, gyms can also draw on Wanzl's expertise as an experienced retail interior designer. In addition to access systems, the product portfolio includes stylish partitions, counters, lockers and benches for equipping reception and changing areas.

Discover Galaxy Gate 1.1 – the fully automated access gate

24-hour access to the gym – a service that is becoming ever more attractive in the often very busy lives of working professionals. At this year's FIBO, Wanzl will demonstrate how this can be achieved without significantly higher personnel costs and shift models. With the fully automatic Galaxy Gate 1.1 access gate, Wanzl offers an elegant access solution for entrance areas that guarantees maximum convenience. It is easy to operate, absolutely reliable and can be stylishly adapted to the respective CI. Depending on the requirements of the studio operator, release can take place via RFID scanner or barcode and QR code. The Galaxy Gate 1.1 scans these and the software-controlled toughened safety glass swing arms, driven by an electric motor, open immediately, allowing the studio visitor to enter. The integrated sensor system detects the direction in which the swivel arm needs to clear the passage, or if someone is trying to gain unauthorised access. In the event of a fire alarm, the gate opens in the exit direction and thus enables an unobstructed escape route.

Discover Galaxyport – the barrier-free access port

Discover Galaxyport – the barrier-free access port

As an optional extension for entrances and exits at gyms, Wanzl's Galaxyport with its transparent toughened safety glass swivel arm and slim stainless steel column provides barrier-free passage for wheelchair users and suppliers as well as an additional escape route solution. With its understated, modern design, the stylish Galaxyport special entrance blends discreetly into any environment. The swivel arm opens in two directions via a control panel or an RFID reader integrated into the glass dome, with integrated sensors automatically detecting the correct direction. Variable passage widths of up to 1,200 mm ensure maximum accessibility. Optional LED swivel arm lighting indicates the operating and release status.

Discover Sirio – the compact access barrier

At FIBO, Wanzl is presenting the Sirio turnstile as a compact, two-arm access solution that is particularly suitable for secure individual entry where space is at a premium. The rotation enables one person access in the direction of travel, while the second arm simultaneously blocks the direction of passage. After release, the rotation starts automatically by contact with the locking bar or, optionally, contact-free by means of light sensors. Attempted manipulation and unauthorised access such as people attempting to crawl under or over the arms is prevented and optionally indicated by an audible alarm. In an emergency, the Sirio is freely rotatable.

Discover Wanzl Access Manager – the software tool for access control

All installed access systems are controlled by the Wanzl Access Manager. The entire entrance area can be visualised in real time, activity can be logged and statistics on alarms, visitor numbers and passages can be retrieved. Simple remote diagnostics and software updates can be performed via remote access and service technicians can also access the gates. This reduces staff workload, avoids waiting times, optimises internal processes and increases safety and convenience for everyone involved.

Discover Wanzl 3D People Counter – the video-based room control

The Wanzl 3D People Counter is available to determine how many people are in the studio and which rooms are occupied. The special feature of this video-based people counting system from Wanzl is that it also functions seamlessly in areas that have multiple entrances and exits. For reliable counting, only one stereoscopic camera is required for multi-dimensional recording at both entrances and exits. The only requirements from the gym are power sockets and Internet at the chosen location.

Discover Terminal V21 – the interactive ticket terminal

With the V21 interactive terminal, Wanzl is demonstrating at FIBO how the purchase of day tickets or membership cards can be controlled easily and autonomously, so that visitors to the gym can have their access authorised quickly and conveniently. An interactive user guide takes users through each step in the menu. Easy-to-understand instructions appear on a large 21" touch screen that tells you what to do intuitively. In addition, LED strips indicate the operating status of each action field in the terminal housing. All common payment methods are available, from credit cards to cash and NFC. Barcode, ticket or RFID card printing systems are available.

Discover the future of gyms – the interior designer Wanzl

As an experienced interior designer, Wanzl not only equips fitness studios with the latest access and security technology, but also develops complete interior concepts and takes care of on-site installation. From welcoming reception counters to elegant partitions to separate the studio into indoor and outdoor areas and zones, to changing room facilities with comfortable benches and stylish four-person lockers, including electronic locks. At FIBO, Wanzl will be presenting its comprehensive range of products and services for the modern design of tomorrow's gyms.