The all-rounder at the POS

YourTable Switch from Wanzl

Attention-grabbing is the goal, flexibility in presentation the way to get there. If something is different and staged in an exciting way, shoppers are quick to snap up a buy. Visually varied designs at the POS are extremely important, especially when it comes to impulse buys of promotional items and special offers. The YourTable Switch from Wanzl makes this even easier. It is the most multi-functional product presentation system available.

Three in one – table, shelf and presentation platform all in one. Today, it can be used in the checkout or entrance areas as a compact shelf for bulk goods. Tomorrow, it can be used as elegant steps for presenting herb pots and dressings in the vegetable section. And the day after tomorrow? Placed in front of the fresh food counter, it can be used as an enticing platform for promotional items. The YourTable Switch owes this unique multi-functionality to its innovative combination of effortless conversion, easy transportation and ample accessories. Thanks to its ingenious construction, it can be converted to the desired presentation system without the use of tools in next to no time in just a few steps. A variety of adjustment options, such as the angle of inclination of individual shelves, ensure added flexibility. It can also be placed rapidly at any location in the store due to its lightweight construction and castor wheels. The YourTable Switch boasts the highest level of adaptability to a wide variety of product groups thanks to its range of accessories. Be it inserts for basket and bucket holders, wire or wicker baskets or wooden inserts with and without wire mesh at the front, the YourTable Switch is the ideal presentation area for any product.  

Wanzl_YourTable Switch © Wanzl (1).jpg