Facility Management Control Unit

Software for turnstiles and swing gates

  • Bundling of all control elements with consistent control commands
  • Communication using encrypted packages
  • User-defined behaviour patterns

The integrated hardware and software controls and monitors the diverse functions of Galaxy Gate, Galaxy Port and the eGate Checkout, as well as all turnstiles and portal turnstiles. It also makes it possible to connect different hardware products to the access systems, and is responsible for controlling them.

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Wanzl FMCU

Printed circuit boards (hardware) as a Facility Management Control Unit, including web access: A standardised interface so that access components are integrated into existing infrastructures at low cost. High-tech equipment for demanding safety requirements.

State-of-the-art control and monitoring technology; visual status indicators; integrated alarm system; can be programmed with a web server; LAN interface; individual voice announcement in MP3 format. Modular technology means this product can be customised to your needs.

WEAC control for Wanzl access systems

  • Interface for data exchange with existing IT systems; potential-free release; network
  • Card reader
  • Photo monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • Loudspeaker for voice announcements, etc.
  • PC control unit for up to ten systems
  • Control panel
  • Web control to enable control via smartphone
  • Interface for data exchange without an FMCU with existing IT systems; potential-free release; network
  • Central fire alarm system
WEAC control for Wanzl access systems