Meram (BE)

Multicultural meeting place with Turkish tradition – Meram supermarket in Antwerp

A touch of the orient wafts through the halls of the Meram supermarket in Antwerp. It is the third branch established by the owner of Turkish origin who has reinterpreted his family background combining it with the city’s international flair in the district of Borgerhout at the Stenenbrug bridge. The result is a marketplace, the design of which is as richly faceted as his clientèle –a meeting place where cultures can come together to enjoy high-quality products from throughout the world. These products are presented in a way that encourages impulse buying on Wanzl’s Vitable, YourTable, pure tech and wire tech shelving systems.

In the lavish display, Turkish delicacies can be found alongside typically Belgian products and  goods from Italy, Lebanon or the Arabian Peninsular. An exciting mix that draws the attention of passers-by from outside the store through the large window fronts. Once customers enter the store, they are guided directly to the fruit and vegetable section. The entire area is designed as a walk-in refrigerator. The products displayed on the YourTable and Vitable shelving systems look as freshly picked as they do at a Middle Eastern weekly market. The bright colours are brought to the fore particularly well thanks to the pared-down wood and metal combination of the shelves. Slate slabs with Meram slogans, as well as appealing food motifs provide  added inspiration for shopping. The bread counter at the end of the fresh produce section features a striking black-and-white look. The black spotlights on the snow-white tile ceiling and the illuminated letters of the BROOD (BREAD) sign on a dark wooden background create an elegant flair.

Another highlight is the meat department and butchery. The large LED lettering makes it a real eye-catcher and easy to find – individual, cleverly arranged lighting spots skilfully highlight selected  products for a wide variety of cultures here. Customers can look forward to dry aged and Halal meat products that stand out visually against the dark background in the refrigerated section. Individual walk-in cold rooms with ceilings and wire tech shelves in white are clearly distinct from the rest of the store interior. In front is a coffee bar which staff and guests can use free of charge. It adopts the traditional Turkish coffee culture and creates a meeting place for young and old. In the adjacent spacious market area the pure tech product presentation system gives structure to the open space and, with its curved shape, creates an understated stage for the exotic items. The placement of the shelving systems guarantees excellent customer flow while offering sufficient space for promotional items.

The store’s clean, modern design blends well with the Middle Eastern flair of the colour scheme. The black interior superbly shows off large posters representing the company in magenta while ceiling spotlights set off the soft gold of the floor – a thrilling concept that unites Turkish tradition with Belgian modernity.