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Accessories for shopping trolleys

Wanzl knows what customers want. That is why its shopping trolleys are multifunctional with many accessories – for reinforcing corporate identity, advertising purposes, reducing stocktaking differences, orderly trolley provision and, of course, ensuring the utmost convenience and enjoyable shopping.

Advertising media

Effective way to convey advertising messages

Baby/child service

Solutions for family-friendly shopping

Comfort handle

Ergonomic shape for effortless handling

Customer service

Varied options for greater convenience for customers


The smart handle system

Goods transport

Practical divider for convenient shopping


Stamp on basket carrier


Allowing close examination...

Promobox® Easy2Take®

Enjoy shopping more


A true classic – proven thousands of times over

Slip castor protection

Protects castors and prevents damage


The lockable smartphone holder for shopping trolleys

SmartStop trolley security

Shopping trolleys remain available in the store or in the car park