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Shopfitting concepts and products for companies with a near-food range

An appealing presentation of goods, optimal guidance through the entire sales area and the range of transport systems for convenient transport of shopping – at Wanzl, you can choose from a wide range of products for chemists, shopping centres, pet shops and stores that sell other household products.

At Wanzl, we also always keep an eye on retail megatrends and continuously develop our products and solutions further. Our diverse product range and responsiveness to current trends help to create an environment that customers enjoy being in.

Customised solutions

Wanzl products for the near-food sector

The household products sector includes pet food, fashion, pharmacy products, medicines and many other types of items. Wanzl products are used to present your range in an appealing way.

  • The universal shelving system is ideally suited for a clear arrangement of cosmetics. It can also be customised to accommodate individual branding – for a brand-specific look.
  • Personalised displays can be designed entirely according to your wishes and are the ideal choice for showcasing selected products or brands.
  • Bargain tables are tried-and-tested classics, as they can be used to present a wide variety of items in an appealing way.
  • With our shopping baskets and shopping trolleys, the items purchased by your customers can be conveniently transported from the shop to the vehicle.
  • Our guidance and security systems assist your customers in finding their way around your store. You can also reliably delimit sensitive areas.
  • With our retail software, you can link numerous devices with each other in a network and digitise processes.

Would you like to know how to best showcase food and magazines?

Then let yourself be inspired by our solutions specifically for the food and non-food sector!

Customised concepts

Customised shopfitting from Wanzl

If you are looking for inspiration for well-thought-out shopfitting, you have come to the right place. Wanzl’s specialists have many years of experience in designing sales areas for pharmacies, pet stores, fashion stores and other stores.

Future-oriented solutions

Near-food shop concepts from Wanzl

Our shop concepts provide you with inspirations for the design of your sales areas. They have been developed by our experts, taking into account relevant trends.

A well thought-out offer for you

Wanzl’s comprehensive hassle-free service

At Wanzl, our aim is to continue to be there for you even after your project has been implemented. This is why we offer you our comprehensive service. In addition to telephone support, this also includes a large selection of spare parts and a comprehensive service network.

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