Package roll cages

Modular design for individual solutions

  • Available as an open or closed version
  • Can be nested to save space when not in use
  • Many equipment options


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Package roll cages
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Easy and safe operation by foot. Designed with one pedal for a width of 800 mm or two pedals for a width of 1000 mm.


To fold down for max. 5 roll cages in the train. A spring mechanism allows the drawbar to be folded up automatically.

Cover made of wire mesh

The wire cover is available in two versions. It can either be folded down completely to the rear for filling the roll cage from above or it can only be folded down inwards if such filling is to be prevented.

Wire mesh doors

Two-wing or four-wing mesh doors with metal hinges. Opening angle 270°. The locking mechanism can be additionally locked with a padlock to prevent theft.

Writing board

With clip. For side panels made of sheet metal or wire mesh. For A4 portrait format documents.

Insert frame

Made of transparent plastic. For documents in A5 landscape format. Dimensions 156 x 127 mm.

Foldable handle

For ergonomic pushing and pulling of the roll cage at the desired handle height.

Handle bars

As a manoeuvring aid on the right or left side section or on the rear panel.

Fixing mechanism

When the fixing mechanism is actuated, two feet are extended to prevent the cage from rolling away. This feature ensures safe loading and unloading and is particularly advantageous on truck loading platforms.

Release for castors with a directional locking device

For directional stability, two of the four swivel castors are permanently locked as fixed castors. For enhanced manoeuvrability during manual handling, the castors can be converted back into swivel castors via a lever function.

Folding shelf

The shelf can be hooked in centrally. It is available with a sheet metal, wood or wire mesh support.

Tension straps

Set of 3. Version with plastic or metal buckle: – With black plastic buckle and black strap – With metal buckle and blue strap.

Safety net

Additional protection for open roll cage design. Available for all roll cage heights.

Customisable lettering

Attached to the left side panel. As a sticker or milled out on the narrow side panel.

Wi-Fi and radio network tracker

So that no package roll cages will be lost in the future. The tracker regularly sends position data and is optimised for minimal costs and maximum service life. With WiFi positioning, it can be used worldwide in material logistics and in the postal parcel delivery environment.

Basic structure

Sheet metal or wire mesh versions

Wanzl package roll cages meet high standards down to the very last detail. Due to the wide range of requirements, we have developed a modular system which
you can use to design your own customised package roll cage. Be it with a sheet metal or wire mesh body, completely closed or open design, for use in a tugger train or easy manoeuvring by hand, the many equipment options satisfy a multitude of requirements.

Nestable design: L-frame

Can be folded up in an instant and stowed away to save space: package roll cages from Wanzl can be efficiently stored when empty or transported in a truck. For ideal storage, the package roll cages are arranged either in one row or crosswise in two rows.

Fold up the base plate
Fold in the side section
Push together