Customised, not off the rack.

  • Individual, varied combination options
  • Agile and easy to manoeuvre thanks to the hybrid design
  • Inventory protection with integrated deflectors and bumper profiles

Mundus is the newest addition to the varied range of Wanzl chambermaid trolleys. It redefines flexibility in a contemporary way as its hybrid steel and aluminium design, manoeuvrability and great tracking precision can overcome any challenge. Highly customisable and always boasting a surprisingly different new look. Each Mundus is a unique, personalised item to meet the highest standards and match the corporate identity.

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Hybrid design

Standard equipment

Steel tube base combined with aluminium profiles and fold-out bars to hang laundry and a waste bag. One of the bars features a foldable leather lid as a cover for a 50- or 120-litre plastic bag. Lower bars include grid sections. Two fixed and two height-adjustable shelves in matching finish.

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Plastic powder coated side panels available in 5 finishes.


Mundus 9 and 11: 4 swivel castors with polyamide tread, 200 mm diameter, fifth castor in the centre with rubber tread, diameter 160 mm.

Mundus 7: 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors.


Top box

Everything is safe: valuables can be transported safely in the lockable top box.


The lockable smartphone holder for chambermaid trolleys


The lockable smartphone holder for chambermaid trolleys


The lockable smartphone holder for chambermaid trolleys

Ash box

Prevents odours: the cover prevents unpleasant odours from escaping.

Cleaning tray holder

Transport cleaning materials safely with the cleaning tray holder.

Waste separation box

Simple waste separation: 2 boxes allow easy separation of different recyclable materials.

Equipment pocket

Accessories for even more space: for transporting additional equipment.

Small items box

For even better organisation: clear arrangement of guest supplies. Wooden box for small items – with clear varnish, painted in light pearl grey or black.

Brochure holder

Ready to hand for presenting your image brochures.

Console for five compartment bottle holder

Safely stored and within easy reach.

Customise the side sections

The Mundus can be equipped individually. Nothing is off the rack, it is all tailor-made. The trolley comes with a long list of practical equipment. Instead of standard configurations, we offer variety, meaning that the chambermaid trolley is always ready for use and is a perfect fit for any job in every situation.

Rubbish-bag holder

Rubbish-bag holder
Fold-out bar for hanging a plastic sack, with folding leather cover as a finish.

Fabric covering

Fabric covering
Choose from three colours. Secured with Velcro – visually and functionally perfect.

Laundry bag holder

Laundry bag holder
Standard or with an elegant fabric covering

Drawer compartment divider

Drawer compartment divider
Variable compartment dividers organise the guest supplies.

Grid tray

Grid tray
Effective protection for your interior thanks to deflectors.

Laundry bag holder lid

Laundry bag holder lid
Clean solution: Optional folding lid as cover.

Removable tray

Removable tray
Extendable trays for customised storage space.

Double garbage bag holder

Double garbage bag holder
Waste sorting made truly easy when providing housekeeping services.

Push handle

Push handle
Simple and comfortable operation in confined spaces thanks to the optional push handles.

Nova laundry trolley

Nova laundry trolley
The laundry trolley can be detached from the Mundus using a handle, allowing it to be taken into rooms separately.

Success stories

Meliá Vienna (A)

In Austria’s tallest skyscraper

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