The pallet display system of 1000 possibilities

  • Transport and sales unit in one
  • Exceptional system with modular design
  • Various creative possibilities with high signalling effect

The modular system with a wide range of design options for eye-catching product launches, impulse buys and positioning of special offers. The display can be filled in a variety of ways and is easy to transport from all four sides. Whether it's a standalone solution or shop-in-shop, with its individually shaped and coloured promotional or logo panels, POSsibility will become a real draw for consumers. Staging products and targeting customers’ emotions are child’s play with POSsibility. Perfect branding, with products, logo and colour scheme, offers everything that customers associate with a brand.

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Full catalogue, sales equipment
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Original Wanzl metal pallet in Euro dimensions with adjustable and insertable wall elements. Customer emotions targeted with visual panels made of plastic for bonding or printing. Additional features as desired. W 1200 x D 800 x H 2150 mm (incl. crown unit covers)

Modular structure

Modular structure
Open in all directions and suitable for complex tasks. You can add on aspects or extend and expand it in all directions – to the front and rear, right and left – it can even be used to create a complete shop-in-shop concept.

Wall or free-standing solutions

Wall or free-standing solutions
POSsibility is impressively simple to handle and has been well thought-out, right up to the finest detail. Your customers will experience an attractively styled, eye-catching display characterised by high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship. The expansion options for the system are endless, with wire shelves and dividers, price rails and blister pack hooks all available.

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