SideRack 2.0

For presentation and sale of baked goods

  • BakeOff enhancement module for the sale of packed, baked goods
  • Convenient removal goods by the customer
  • Easy cleaning in just a few steps

SideRack 2.0 for the attractive presentation and sale of packed baked goods. The sales unit can be used in the store both as a stand-alone solution, and also in combination with BakeOff modules 2.0/2.1.

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Product details

Combination with BakeOff 2.0

Combination with BakeOff 2.0
The SideRack 2.0 sales unit for packed baked goods forms an attractive island in your baked goods area when combined with the BakeOff 2.0 / 2.1 baked goods sales system. Carefully selected finishes, coatings and materials ensure seamless integration. These give customers an appetite for more. Perfect and hygienic cleaning with just a few steps.